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Brad Bird's 'Iron Giant' Score Gets a Vinyl Release Date

The Iron Giant’s original motion picture soundtrack will receive a deluxe 2-LP vinyl release on August 5; it is now available for pre-order at all retailers. The casing for the two records includes a tab opening involving the Giant’s eyes. The color of the eyes depends on which record sleeve is behind the cover. The case itself has two different yet awesome eye openings as well, with a choice between defense and normal mode. The extra interactive touch to case design alone is enough to buy the vinyl collection, honestly. However, the music is also worth checking out and has since become one of the most iconic soundtracks of any animated feature.
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Brad Bird’s Ray Gunn Movie Heads To Skydance Animation

Brad Bird’s Ray Gunn Movie Heads To Skydance Animation. One of Brad Bird’s shelved animated projects is getting a second chance at Skydance Animation. Deadline brings word that the studio has officially landed the rights to Ray Gunn. To say the film has been a long time coming...
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Brad Bird To Direct Skydance’s “Ray Gunn”

Oscar-winning filmmaker Brad Bird will direct and produce the original sci-fi noir animated feature “Ray Gunn” for Skydance Animation. Bird has reportedly been trying to get the film made for almost three decades and is said to deal with the last human private detective, Raymund Gunn, in a future full of humans and aliens. Hired to find out if a pop singer is cheating on her husband but soon things take a twist into the world of doubles and murder.
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Brad Bird Will Direct ‘Ray Gunn’ For Skydance Animation

Brad Bird will direct and produce his next feature, Ray Gunn, for Skydance Animation. It’s his first animation project since Disney-Pixar’s Incredibles 2 (2018), which remains the highest-grossing Pixar production of all time. Bird wrote Ray Gunn’ script with Matthew Robbins, though it’s unclear whether for this new...

Brad Bird To Direct Original Animated Movie 'Ray Gunn' for Skydance Animation

Acclaimed Pixar director Brad Bird will have a different studio for his next animated film. According to Deadline, Bird's next film Ray Gunn will be made at Skydance Animation. Bird previously directed 2007's Ratatouille, 2004's The Incredibles, and its 2018 sequel Incredibles 2 for Pixar. Outside of Pixar, Bird also...

Brad Bird To Write And Direct Animated Feature Ray Gunn For Skydance

Skydance Animation has nabbed the rights to "Ray Gunn," an animated movie from writer/director Oscar winner Brad Bird. This is a project Bird has been wanting to make for a very long time, and he's finally set to direct and produce from his original story, according to Deadline. He wrote the script with Matthew Robbins.