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EerSports' WVU Football All-Recruiting Camp Team

QUARTERBACK - JOE HUMPHREYS. I went back and forth and back and forth and back and forth, which I explain below. But let's focus on why I picked Humphreys. First and foremost, I felt that he was the best combination of athleticism and throwing ability out there. In fact, he was the most athletic out of any of the guys to come through. While a couple had better arms (like Kargman and Veltkamp and Lainez), he wasn't that far behind them in arm talent. I have a feeling we'll hear about him in a couple years dominating at whatever school he ends up playing for.
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Danielle Busby LOVES Summer Mornings & Here’s Why

Danielle Busby from OutDaughtered on TLC enjoys the summer break right now. Although they seem to be at home at the moment, and not on vacation, it’s still very special for her. Obviously, she enjoys spending time with the kids out of school. Plus, it probably means a massive change in her daily routine. Raising six kids seems like pretty exhausting work, so she probably enjoys not having to get them ready for school.

Eddie Rosario gets revenge for intentional walk: Walk-Off Thoughts

Here are three Walk-Off Thoughts after a 4-1 win over the Minnesota Twins improved Cleveland's record to 41-31. Eddie Rosario makes Minnesota Twins pay for intentional walk to Jose Ramirez. Eddie Rosario lives for the kind of moment that arose on Thursday night. He was given a chance to make...

Valentino Gareri Atelier Proposes a New Model of Sustainable and 3D Printed Residential Village

Valentino Gareri Atelier have joined forces with technology and wellness consultant Steve Lastro of 6Sides and global wellness real estate innovators Delos to create Sunflower Village, a humanistic and sociological approach to residential technology & community living. The proposed residential village includes 19 homes arranged in a sunflower composition that 'follows the sun'.

RIP Alan Lewis: Kerrang! founder and British publishing legend

Anyone who had the pleasure of spending time over a quiet pint or three with Alan Lewis was guaranteed to enjoy a conversation that was full of passion and understated wit. Despite being a man who left an indelible mark on British magazine publishing, Alan was not a man who was obsessed with ​‘the numbers’ or the politics that so often consume those in the media industry. If anything, he was focussed on entertaining the audience, relying on the seemingly simple concept of giving people what they want. That ​‘by-fans, for-fans’ ethos informed the launch of Kerrang! – the magazine he founded in the summer of 1981 – and it is still the driving force behind what we do now.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Myers face off in Halloween Kills trailer

The first trailer for the highly anticipated slasher, Halloween Kills, is finally here, and surprise, surprise, everyone’s favourite masked serial killer Michael Myers is back and out for Jamie Lee Curtis’s blood. The trailer follows on from the fiery ending seen in David Gordon Green’s 2018 horror movie Halloween, which...
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Boys Volleyball: BCSL All-Division teams, 2021

(as chosen by the coaches) Guhan Pradeep, West Windsor-Plainsboro South, Jr. Tucker Rossi, Northern Burlington, Sr. Josh Milke, Rancocas Valley, Sr. Alex Yuan, West Windsor-Plainsboro South, Jr. Max Finkelstein, West Windsor-Plainsboro North, So. Tyler Myers, Rancocas Valley, Sr. Neev Ramani, West Windsor-Plainsboro South, Sr. Tristan Lee, Hopewell Valley, Sr. Second...

Static Event Judging Day Registration Deadline Is Soon

Registration for those wanting to participate in 4-H events coming up in July, the deadline is coming up soon. The registration window for 4-H members who want to compete in communications, clothing events, table setting contests and static exhibits can still do so online. The entries for the event are due by the end of the day on July 1st.