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Disney CEO Bob Chapek Says ‘Armor Wars’ Will Please Iron Man Fans

Disney CEO Bob Chapek teased the upcoming Armor Wars series starring Don Cheadle will “scratch that itch” for Iron Man fans who want more. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is entering a brave, new world following Iron Man’s death in Avengers: Endgame. However, Iron Man‘s corner of the MCU will continue in some form. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man series is relatively close to the Iron Man world, plus we are also getting shows focused on Ironheart and Armor Wars.
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The Resistance Broadcast – Does Disney CEO Bob Chapek Know Star Wars?

Disney CEO Bob Chapek accidentally said Han Solo when talking about upcoming Star Wars Disney Plus shows. Did he just simply misspeak or reveal something? We also talk about Zack Snyder’s pitch to Lucasfilm for a standalone Star Wars movie, the latest Andor set photos, and we reveal new updates to our Patreon page!

Bob Chapek Defends Black Widow’s Release to Disney+ and Theaters

The Walt Disney Company’s CEO Bob Chapek defends “Black Widow” release to both Disney+ and theaters in a recent Disney call, saying the decision offered consumers “more choice.”. Marvel fans everywhere are quite familiar with the fact that the Marvel Cinematic Universe film “Black Widow” was supposed to be released...

Bob Chapek sees theme parks returning to full capacity this fall

From the New York Post- Disney’s chief executive said he believes Disney World and Disneyland will reach full capacity this fall — but admitted that the theme parks are still hammering out some of the details. At a virtual tech-and-media conference hosted by JPMorgan on Monday, Disney CEO Bob Chapek...

Bob Chapek Defends Streaming Release For Black Widow And Shang-Chi

Black Widow and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings will get a hybrid release this year. Now Disney CEO, Bob Chapek defends streaming release for both tentpole movies. Of course as current CEO the decision ultimately fell to Chapek in the first place. However Chapek continued to defend the move on Monday at a virtual summit hosted by JP Morgan. Speaking with those in attendance (via Deadline) at the Global Technology, Media and Communications Conference, Chapek admitted the company still feels the box office is “fairly weak,” ergo the hybrid release.
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Disney CEO Bob Chapek Found This Upside to COVID-19 Park Closings

Sprawling entertainment giant Walt Disney (NYSE:DIS) has taken a lot of damage from the COVID-19 pandemic. Closed movie theaters forced Disney to rethink its entire filmed content strategy. The company's cruise ships and vacation resorts had no customers for a long time. Disney's large portfolio of TV channels saw low interest from advertisers and the ESPN sports station had no live sports to show for a while.

Disney CEO, Bob Chapek, Shares Details on Theme Park Capacity Increase

Bob Chapek, Chief Executive Officer, The Walt Disney Company, participated in a virtual question-and-answer session at the J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media and Communications Conference on Monday, May 24, 2021. One of the theme park points Chapek gave a little more insight on was what we can expect with park capacity.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek Talks Parks Passes, Park Capacity and More

Disney CEO Bob Chapek recent spoke at the J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media, and Communications Conference about the current challenges Disney Parks are facing as the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic wind down and the theme parks brace for a massive influx of guests this summer. One of the biggest...

Bob Chapek Indicates Park Reservations and Virtual Queues To Be Sticking Around

Today on a call for the JP Morgan Global Technology Conference, Disney CEO Bob Chapek shared a bit about what the future will look like for the Disney Theme Parks. Technology will be a big part of that. However, Chapek shared that Disney feels “bullish” about the future. He backed this up by referencing the earnings call where he said that the intent to visit is at 2019 levels.
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CEO Bob Chapek Gives More Specific Details on Theme Park Capacity Increases at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Chapek spoke today at the J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media, and Communications Conference and addressed theme park operations. Bob Chapek stated that capacity would continue to increase over the upcoming months at Walt Disney World, with “low double digits increases” in attendance. He expects to see benefits from the changes in COVID-19 policies near the end of the fourth fiscal quarter.
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CEO Bob Chapek Confirms Disney Park Pass System, Virtual Queues are Here to Stay

After addressing capacity, Disney CEO Bob Chapek spoke about theme park technology today at the J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media, and Communications Conference. Chapek cited the new Disney Park Pass theme park reservation system and virtual queues, such as the boarding groups for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, as examples of how technology helped guests stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Bob Chapek

Why is The Walt Disney Co. utilizing a number of different theatrical release strategies over the next few months? Disney CEO Bob Chapek says they are “celebrating flexibility” as the company…. Disney+ Misses Expectations With 103.6 Million Subscribers. While the fallout from the pandemic leads to a tough comparison with...

Disney CEO Bob Chapek comments on capacity increases at Disney World

During a conversation with the 'J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media and Communications Conference' this afternoon, Disney CEO Bob Chapek spoke about increasing capacity and a return to normal operations at the Walt Disney World theme parks. Bob said that we can expect to see "low double digit increases" in attendance...
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Disney CEO Bob Chapek Says Dramatic Shift In CDC Mask Guidance Is “Very Big News”; Interest In Visiting Disney World Back At 2019 Levels

Disney CEO Bob Chapek said today’s decision by the Centers from Disease Control to dramatically adjust its guidance on masks for fully vaccinated adults is “very big news for us.”. Speaking during the media giant’s quarterly earnings call with analysts, Chapek hailed the updated scientific view that vaccinated people can...
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Bob Chapek Avoids “Annual Pass” Term for New Disneyland “Frequent Visitor Program”, Aims at Shareholder Return Over Guest Value

In today’s quarterly earnings call, Bob Chapek answered a question about the new Disneyland “membership” program that will replace annual passes, which were discontinued and cancelled earlier this year. In answering the question, Chapek avoided using the annual pass term for the replacement program, referring to it as a “park...