Blue Panther

Blue Panther (Blu-ray Review)

1965 (September 14, 2021) StudioCanal (Kino Lorber Studio Classics) Blue Panther is a light-hearted comic spy thriller from director Claude Chabrol’s oft-maligned “commercial” period during the Sixties. The bland English-language title is perfectly accurate, as there’s indeed a piece of jewelry shaped like a blue panther that’s the object of desire for nearly everyone involved. However, it’s just a MacGuffin to set the plot in motion, and the original French title captures the spirit of the film much better: Marie-Chantal contre docteur Kha (Marie-Chantal vs. Dr. Kha). That conveys the enjoyably pulpy tone of the story far more effectively. It’s also a deliberate allusion to another popular superspy, as the French title for Dr. No had been James Bond 007 contre Dr. No.
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