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Billy Graham: Success and Peace

“Many of the people that are your heroes are really in their hearts searching for something, anything to find peace and happiness.” —Billy Graham. As elusive as finding peace might seem, Billy Graham says there is only one place you can find it.
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1996: Billy Graham praises Mayo Clinic

The Rochester A’s, coached by Keith Kangas, opened their American Legion season with a 10-2 win over Albert Lea. Evangelist Billy Graham was at Mayo Clinic this week, and was cleared for his upcoming crusade at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. Graham told reporters, “I have been coming here every year since 1952.”

Billy Graham: Is There a Way Out?

“There’s pressures and troubles and trials in your life, and difficulties and problems. And there seems to be no answer. You just can’t seem to make it. Is there any way out?” —Billy Graham. The Bible says there is a way out—Jesus.
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Why the legacy of Billy Graham continues to endure: 3 essential reads

A new two-hour documentary on PBS examines the life and rise of Billy Graham, the famed preacher, who died on Feb. 21, 2018, at 99. Graham’s enduring legacy is that he helped shape the modern-day American right. Graham’s rallies, known popularly as “crusades,” attracted millions of people all over the globe. His influence extended deep into American politics, and he provided spiritual counsel to several American presidents, from Harry S. Truman to Donald Trump. Here are three articles from The Conversation U.S. that offer insights into his life. Representative of new evangelicalism In the early part of the 20th century, evangelicalism came to...

Billy Graham: Fear and Wisdom

“Only the fear of the Lord can give you the beginning of wisdom. The Word of God declares that you cannot live sensibly, you cannot have joy and peace in your heart until you know what the Bible calls ‘the fear of the Lord.’” —Billy Graham. The Bible tells us...

A Challenge From Billy Graham

“I would like to challenge you tonight to be a witness for Christ wherever you go—in the shops, on the streets, on the campus, on the planes, in the buses, to your next-door neighbor.” —Billy Graham. God wants to use you to draw others to Jesus Christ. Billy Graham says...

Wilton Pens Book On Spending Saturdays With Billy Graham

Billy Graham’s longtime pastor and friend, Don Wilton, shares personal insights and wisdom gained from his personal times over more than 15 years with America’s pastor in the new book “Saturdays with Billy: My Friendship with Billy Graham” (Thomas Nelson, 193 pages). The senior pastor of nearly 30 years at...

Billy Graham: The Revival We Need Today

The question, “Will revival come in our time?” is on the lips and in the hearts of God’s people everywhere. The way God works is not always easy to define and analyze. “He works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform,” and I would not want to be so presumptuous as to say that I understand all that is happening in the wonderful design and doings of God.

Billy Graham: Vacation Rental

When you book a vacation rental online, you never know if it will look exactly like the pictures. The moment of truth comes when you arrive. Billy Graham says there’s a much bigger moment of truth coming when you arrive at the end of your life. “There must be a...

Billy Graham: Daily Victory

Every day we’re in a battle with temptation—and some days we’re victorious. But how should we respond when we fail? BillyGraham has a word of encouragement. “Since a living Christ dwells within every one of us who has accepted Him as Savior, there’s never any reason for defeat. No enemy is too powerful for Christ. Every temptation may be resisted.”
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Billy Graham Chaplains Deploy to San Jose, California

Crisis-trained chaplains from the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team (BG-RRT) have deployed to San Jose, California, after a gunman killed nine people at a light rail facility Wednesday morning. “We are deeply saddened by the tragic shooting in San Jose Wednesday morning,” said Josh Holland, assistant director of the BG-RRT....
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Billy Graham Chaplains to Offer Comfort After San Jose Shooting

Tragedy struck San Jose, California, early Wednesday morning when a gunman opened fire at a light rail yard. Local authorities have identified nine victims, who ranged from 29 to 63 years old. “Join me in praying for the families and loved ones of victims of the mass shooting today in...

Billy Graham: A Clean Slate

“Jesus said it’s possible to live a new life and start over again with all the mistakes and the failures and the sins behind you.” —Billy Graham. How do you live a new life? Billy Graham explains in this 60-second sermon.

Billy Graham chaplains encourage police as deaths rise

At the height of summer heat and social unrest in 2020, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association brought a message of hope and faith to minority communities hit hard by rioting and protests. But chaplains also ministered to police officers who came under attack like never before in the nation. One...