Billy Duffy

Billy Duffy suggests next Cult album is "more in the Love / Dreamtime palate"

Billy Duffy has confirmed that he recorded his parts for The Cult's forthcoming album back in the studio where the band tracked their 1984 debut Dreamtime, and the new songs draw some inspiration from that album and it's breakthrough follow-up, Love. Although the guitarist admits it's too soon to be...
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Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy bring The Cult for Thursday concert in St. Pete

Following a few hiatuses, original members Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy still believe in The Cult, which plays Mahaffey Theater in St. Petersburg on Thursday. The hard-rock group is currently recording new music that will hopefully emerge in time for its impending 40th anniversary. And this summer, The Cult returns home to the U.K. to perform co-headlining shows with Alice Cooper himself. Sure, it’s only a handful of dates, but how can you say no to the king of shock rock?

The Cult's Billy Duffy talks his first guitar hero Johnny Thunders and Gibson guitars

Billy Duffy isn't just a great guitarist, he's always got excellent stories too. In the video above the Cult man tells Gibson TV about how he used to travel on the bus after school to the guitar shop in a little town to stare at a Les Paul Junior in the window. Such was the power seeing Johnny Thunders live had over him.