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Bill Skarsgard, Michelle Dockery Action Thriller ‘Boy Kills World’ Boarded by Capstone Global (EXCLUSIVE)

Click here to read the full article. Capstone Global has boarded action-thriller “Boy Kills World,” starring Bill Skarsgård, Michelle Dockery and Jessica Rothe. The Los Angeles-based production and sales outfit is partnering on the pic with Nthibah Pictures, Hammerstone Studios, Sam Raimi’s Raimi Productions and Roy Lee’s Vertigo Entertainment. Sales will be launched in Cannes, with both Capstone and CAA co-representing U.S. rights. The Moritz Mohr-directed movie is described as a “dystopian fever dream action film” that follows “Boy,” a deaf-mute with a vibrant imagination. When his family is murdered, he is trained by a mysterious shaman to repress his childish imagination and...
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‘Clark’: A Great New Swedish Series On Netflix Starring Bill Skarsgard

Clark, a new Swedish mini series starring Bill Skarsgård on Netlfix, is based on the true story of a notorious Swedish bank robber, Clark Olofsson, who gave rise to the phrase "The Stockholm syndrome." Directed by Jonas Åkerlund, Clark is a dynamic six-part series with an eclectic visual style that reflects the craziness of its lead character's life.

Bill Skarsgård Brings Life to Stockholm Syndrome in Netflix's 'Clark' — When Does It Take Place?

"Based on crimes, sex, truth, and lies," the story of Clark Olofsson comes to Netflix in the comedic Swedish limited series Clark. Exploring the origins of what's known as Stockholm syndrome, Clark reminds us that charming hot people historically get away with a lot. Directed by Jonas Åkerlund, Bill Skarsgård (It) embodies notorious Swedish bank robber Clark Olofsson, whose charisma and sex appeal seduced all of Sweden.

All of the Bill Skarsgård movies and shows on Netflix right now

We’re elated to finally watch Bill Skarsgård in the new limited series Clark. All six episodes dropped on Netflix on May 5, and it’s what everyone is currently watching!. The crime drama series is based on the real life and career of Clark Olofsson, Sweden’s most infamous bank robber. Skarsgård plays the titular character and truly knocks it out of the park. The rest of the cast includes Kolbjörn Skarsgård, Adam Lundgren, Sandra Ilar, Peter Viitanen, Hanna Björn, and many others.

Who is Bill Skarsgård dating? The Clark star’s relationship status

Calling all Bill Skarsgård fans! The 31-year-old actor has a new Netflix show that just hit the platform on Thursday, which sees him in a completely different role. Clark follows the story of real-life Swedish criminal Clark Olofsson, who is known, among other things, as the man who inspired the term “Stockholm Syndrome.” The six-episode series is a fun ride, complete with bank robberies, romances, and dance numbers.

Series Review: Bill Skarsgård is a smooth criminal in ‘Clark’

Raunchy, rude, and surprisingly heartfelt; Bill Skarsgård steals the show in this Swedish miniseries about a charming bank robber credited with sparking the term ‘Stockholm Syndrome.’. Clark Olofsson’s life was made for the small screen. A handsome, charming Swedish gangster; his flurry of flirtatious mischief spanned decades —...

‘Clark’: Bill Skarsgård Stars In A Jonas Åkerlund Series About The Man Who Inspired “Stockholm Syndrome”

You’ve heard the term, but what is Stockholm syndrome exactly? Britannica’s dictionary defines it as “a psychological response wherein a captive begins to identify closely with his or her captors, as well as with their agenda and demands.” Essentially, it’s a coping mechanism that kidnapped victims have been found to feel in horribly stressful situations like kidnapping. While it’s psychologically awful and harrowing, there is a sense and need for order in the chaos which often makes the victim—grasping for anything positive at all—to empathize with their tormenter. And it certainly doesn’t hurt when that tormentor doesn’t seem all that evil.

Bill Skarsgård Plays One of the Most Notable Bank Robbers in 'Clark' Trailer

Bill Skarsgård is stepping into the life of one of the most notorious bank robbers of all time. Though you may not recognize the name Clark Olofsson at first, you’ll most likely know the term “Stockholm Syndrome,” and for that descriptor, the world has Olofsson to thank. A talented criminal oozing with charm and wit, the bank heist known as the Norrmalmstorg robbery is just a piece of the giant puzzle that is Olofsson’s life. With its impending arrival on Netflix on May 5, the limited series, Clark sets out to put all the pieces together in the conman’s life.

Clark Trailer: Bill Skarsgard Is A Very Likable Bank Robber

The latest official trailer for the Netflix crime biographical drama "Clark" is here, and let me tell you one thing about this trailer — it is chaotic. Directed by Jonas Åkerlund ("Polar," "Lords of Chaos"), "Clark" chronicles the life of notorious Swedish gangster/bank robber Clark Olofsson, who single-handedly might have been the originator of Stockholm Syndrome. While I am not quite sure how to feel about all that, Bill Skarsgård, who plays the "charismatic criminal," seems to be having a ton of fun portraying the character's layered origin story.