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Kewanee Back When God and Me and My Model T by Bill Scott

The April 2022 edition of Kewanee Back When with Dave Clark and Sean Kernan featured an extraordinary special guest. Kewanee’s own Daytona Motorcycle racing Champion Bill Scott has had quite a life, one filled with stories. After being told he was too small for Sports, Bill set out to prove everyone wrong in the world of motor sports where at the age of 19 he won Daytona and became a fixture on the racing circuit. Years later, via his family, specifically his father-in-law, Bill developed a love of the Model T and became one of the driving forces behind the Annual Model T rally in Kewanee. Bill has compiled his stories into a new book celebrating his faith called God and Me and my Model T. We were honored to have Bill Scott join us for Kewanee Back When.
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Police Chief Bill Scott on the state of S.F.

San Francisco’s police chief came to town back in 2017, with a badge in his hand and reform in his heart. Five years later, Bill Scott has accomplished a lot on the reform side of the equation. But he finds himself involved in a political drama involving a mayor who wants to crack down on the bad guys and a district attorney who is perceived as soft on crime. Where does that leave our chief? Smack dab in the middle. Which is fine by him.
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Opinion: S.F. Police Chief Bill Scott’s complaints of low morale are code for something else

I almost decided to just send a few tweets rather than write this column because my morale is low today. But then I called a friend who is a teacher. He decided he wasn’t going to teach all his classes today because his morale isn’t great either. When I stopped for a bagel this morning, the guy behind the counter was selling bagels to only some of the customers. When I asked why, he shrugged and said, “Low morale.” Needless to say, none of this is true because we all try to do our jobs and honor our commitments even when our morale isn’t great.
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Police Commission Rips Chief Bill Scott; AG Rob Bonta Steps Into Heated Dispute Over Misconduct Investigations

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF/BCN) — Attorney General Rob Bonta has agreed to mediate talks between San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott and District Attorney Chesa Boudin in the hopes settling a heated debate over the future of police use of force investigations. Earlier this month, Scott terminated an investigative agreement between his department and DA’s Office covering use of force cases in the wake of revelations during the trial of Officer Terrance Stangel. The agreement, or memorandum of understanding, between the agencies went into effect in July 2021 and allows the district attorney’s Independent Investigations Bureau to respond to crime scenes...

Bill Scott: The lesson of Gove's Rebellion parallels insurrection

Last week, letter-writer Bob Drake called Jan. 6 less dangerous to democracy than Trump’s impeachment. To prove his point, Bob points to Gove’s Rebellion of 1683. Like GOP descriptions of Jan. 6, his description of Gove’s Rebellion is stilted on the facts and whitewashes crimes:. • Gove...

Hollis Taggart Southport to Open Parallels: Chloë Lamb and Bill Scott

Hollis Taggart is pleased to present Parallels: Chloë Lamb and Bill Scott, a two-person exhibition of British artist Chloë Lamb (b. 1960) and American artist Bill Scott (b. 1956), who both work in the tradition of 20th century colorists and abstract expressionists. The exhibition features selections of their...

Bill Scott: Let's not join Sid-Grinch in his applause of an appalling story

On Christmas Eve, you published a letter from a Grinch named Sid who suggested that it is Jan. 6 that should be celebrated this year. I won’t dignify him by citing his last name, but there should be a loud chorus in Whoville against this asinine position. This particular...

Bill Scott: We should go further and protect Helen Crowell from more abuse

Everyone has heard of the hostile work environment — discrimination based on someone’s race, a pinched buttock, or a boss who rants or curses at his subordinates, right? We all sympathize with the employee when these things happen. But what about when we’re the boss?. Our town officials and school...

Time out with T.O. - Some horn blowing for Bill Scott

When it comes to his philanthropy, Bill Scott has never been one to toot his own horn. In fact, he would just as soon keep it under the radar. But, as one of UNMC’s top philanthropists celebrated his 91st birthday Monday, it’s about time that we give the man some props for what a great horn blower he is.

Bill Scott: Join me in filing complaints against pharmacist Peter Hill on ivermectin

Peter Hill’s Sept. 24 rant about ivermectin is a danger to the public. It’s true that ivermectin is a useful drug against certain tropical diseases, but there is no support or authorization for its use against COVID-19. Hill disparages COVID vaccines by using the term “experimental use authorization” to describe...

Some Horn Blowing for Bill Scott

As longtime donor and friend of UNO Bill Scott celebrates his 91st birthday, UNO celebrates his love of music and giving back to the community. When it comes to his philanthropy, Bill Scott has never been one to toot his own horn. In fact, he would just as soon keep it under the radar.

Bill Scott: Man up Jim, and pledge not to accept gov't funded COVID care

Jim Petrangelo's letter in the Aug. 21 Sun claims masking and vaccines should be a matter of individual choice. He's wrong. There's plenty of precedent for mandatory vaccine — Washington mandated small pox inoculation for the Continental Army and we all got required TDP shots as kids (just had my booster). There's no question of whether these life-saving measures can be compulsory, but should they be?

Chief Bill Scott says SFPD is short 400 officers

At a news conference on Monday, Chief Bill Scott said the San Francisco Police Department is short about 400 officers. "This not a one-year thing," Scott said. "The mayor did all she could to keep us from getting smaller... Recruitment is very hard right now." That revelation was among many...
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San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott apologizes for officer shooting

SAN FRANCISCO — In a rare police apology Thursday, San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott apologized for a police shooting last week that injured a burglary suspect. The man, 23-year-old Xavier Pittman, was shot in the wrist by a plainclothes officer as he was being arrested. “The shooting of Mr....

Bill Scott touched many with his humanity (Your Letters)

My friend Bill Scott. I begin my comments this way, because I had the privilege to be his friend, as he was mine. It is a special honor to have that connection with someone whether you spoke with them yesterday, or several months ago. To have that connection, that moment when you say or text, “Hey, do you have a minute?” It is that bond that is immediately there. I had that privilege and honor with Bill for over 15 years. Whether it was to chat about his love of cars, to chat about a project at my home or his, to discuss the (blank) going on in the school district, to speak with stress or pride about our children, or to be there for one another when someone we knew had passed or was in pain.

NYSUT statement on the passing of Syracuse Teachers Association President Bill Scott

Albany, N.Y. April 25, 2021 — New York State United Teachers President Andy Pallotta issued the following statement today on the passing of Syracuse Teachers Association President Bill Scott:. “The entire NYSUT family mourns the passing of STA President Bill Scott. A passionate advocate for Syracuse students and education professionals,...

Bill Scott, president of Syracuse teachers union, dies suddenly

Syracuse, N.Y. -- Bill Scott, the president of the Syracuse teachers union, died suddenly this weekend. The Syracuse Teachers’ Association sent a note to its members, notifying them of Scott’s passing. “It is with great sadness we offer our condolences to the family of Syracuse Teachers Association President, William John...
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Bill Scott

Thank you for the out pouring of cards that I received acknowledging my retirement.