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North Texas Family Welcomes Rare Set Of Twins

A North Texas family is celebrating the birth of a rare set of twins. Rima Aldebbeh and her husband Rami Ramadan of Euless say they were delighted when they found out they'd be welcoming another child to their family of five. However, they did not expect twins, considering they have...
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Todd Chrisley Gone Too Far? Fan Asks Who Died & Made Him Righteous

Todd Chrisley followers want to know who died and made him so righteous. As Chrisley Knows Best fans know, he regularly takes to his Instagram. Notably, his Instagram content ranges from family happenings to words of wisdom. Furthermore, not only does Todd Chrisley has a flare for the dramatic, but sometimes, his posts are cryptic. Does he take his latest post too far?
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Ranked: Top Five Burger Joints in Honolulu, Hawaii

Hey, y'all! Looking for a burger in Honolulu, Hawaii? Well, you're in luck: Honolulu is chock-full of the All-American speciality. These are Honolulu's Top Five Burger Spots Ranked, as per Yelp. Do you see your favorite on the list? If not, tell me in the comments: what's your go-to spot for a burger in Honolulu?
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The Newest Restaurant in Town Is All About The Sauce

It is something about that post-pandemic 2021 life that has us hungry for new and exciting things, including food. Garbage plates and milkshakes are in the category of exciting and definitely feeds the hunger. I bet you are wondering where the "new" comes in though. Luckily, I am here to tell you all about it.
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3 New Restaurants Coming Soon to Tucson

Enjoy one of the new restaurantsPablo Merchan Montes/Unsplash. Quick-construction, multi-purpose buildings have been going up all around the country. Tucson is no exception. The builds are typically made up of several floors of residential space on top, with restaurant and storefront space on the main floor. This is exactly what the new complex, known as The Baffert at Five Points, is set to be. Whether you love the progress or you’re against the cookie-cutter design, it will bring with it several new restaurants to nearby downtown Tucson.
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Businesses see opportunity and risk in California’s digital vaccine records

Since California’s full reopening on June 15, employees of Rustic Canyon Family restaurants have been asking diners if they’ve received the COVID-19 vaccine. Those who say they’ve been fully vaccinated are told they don’t have to wear a mask inside any of the 10 restaurants owned by the Santa Monica group, which include Cassia and Birdie G’s. Those who say they haven’t been jabbed must keep masks on while not eating or drinking.