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‘Mad House’ Review: David Harbour, Bill Pullman Make Theresa Rebeck’s Chaotic Melodrama Seem Better Than It Is

Click here to read the full article. Jessica Lange was once asked if there couldn’t have been someone on the set of the painfully overwrought Southern gothic movie, Beth Henley’s “Crimes of the Heart,” who could have got everyone to tone things down, to which she giggled, “You mean, like the Taste Patrol?” Large stretches of Theresa Rebeck’s new, wildly dysfunctional family drama “Mad House,” now running on the West End, suggest that the Patrol has been similarly missing in action. You can see why actors of the caliber of David Harbour and Bill Pullman — plus equally gifted British talents...
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Bill Pullman and David Harbour in ‘Mad House’

This bad-ish taste comedy from US playwright Theresa Rebeck stumbles between misanthropic yucks and a desire to say something more sensitive and profound about the human condition. It stars David Harbour of ‘Stranger Things’ fame, and was written especially for him by Rebeck, with some of his character Michael’s mental...

Bill Pullman: ‘The term late bloomer sounds an awful lot like loser’

Bill Pullman was 32 years old when he starred in his first film, 1986’s Ruthless People. This is, he notes, at least a decade later than most movie stars get their big break. “The term ‘late bloomer’ sounds awfully like loser, but I guess it’s what I am,” he says. “It sounds to me like a politically correct term for: ‘You’re stupid. Why did you take so long?’”
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David Harbour and Bill Pullman star in this new comedy about a family fighting over their father’s legacy

Prolific American playwright Theresa Rebeck has had her biggest successes across the pond – indeed, many of her Broadway hits have never even made it over to the UK. But here’s a rare world premiere in. the West End for one of her works, albeit one that’s anchored by two heavyweight American actors: David Harbour and Bill Pullman star in ‘Mad House’, a dark comedy about a group of siblings who converge on their dying father’s rural Pennsylvania home, with one eye on divvying up his inheritance. Harbour will play Michael, one of the siblings; Pullman will play Daniel, the dying father. Rebeck’s regular collaborator Moritz von Stuelpnagel directs.

Horsepower: Bill Pullman narrates new documentary on the American horse

Bill Pullman narrates the upcoming PBS documentary Nature: American Horses, which explores the story of the horse, and how various breeds helped shaped the American landscape. Turns out the Independence Day and Spaceballs actor knows more than a little about horses himself. “In our valley in southwest Montana there’s a...

Upcoming PBS Documentary ‘American Horses’ Is Narrated by Bill Pullman

Actor and Montana rancher Bill Pullman will narrate a PBS documentary called “American Horses” this week, featuring four top breeds. The veteran actor, who played the president in “Independence Day,” will take us through these horses’ history on Wednesday, Feb. 23. Cowboys and Indians previewed the documentary, which takes a look at the Mustang, Appaloosa, Morgan, and Quarter Horse breeds.

Alamo Drafthouse's New D.C. Location Has A Movie Presidents Theme – And Bill Pullman Was There To Open It

The doors might not play "Hail to the Chief" when you walk in, but otherwise the new Alamo Drafhouse location is as presidential as it gets. The latest Drafthouse location starts its soft opening today, December 10, 2021, in Washington, D.C., and promises to give theater-goers a fun experience with a lobby themed to movie presidents, a bar that's straight out of a spy film, and an "Independence Day"-themed theater. The centerpiece of the "Hall of Movie Presidents" is a statue of President Whitmore from "Independence Day," arguably the greatest movie president of all time. Bill Pullman, the man who brought him to life and inspired us all out of our seats with his impassioned speech, was the guest of honor at the grand opening, blessing the venue with his presidential presence.

Sinner Season 4 will be the end of the Bill Pullman series

I don’t know if there are other fans of USA Network sinner It’s there, but I’m definitely participating in the Mystery series from day one. Each season of the series revolves around Detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman), revealing the complexity behind a seemingly normal case.The sinner is now in the middle of it 4th season, But USA Network Presentation Today, Season 4 is the last.
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Bill Pullman Saved the World. Now He’s Saving Himself.

Bill Pullman was always perfectly fine with being a one-term president. Reviving his President Whitmore 20 years later in the Independence Day sequel, Resurgence, was perhaps a no-brainer, given the pay that accompanies such tentpole blockbusters. He’s been more hesitant to revive and repurpose the original film’s iconic speech—“We will not go quietly into the night…”—which he’s been asked to recreate countless times over the years. He’s always resisted—until this summer, when the globe was facing another dooming threat to its entire existence: Not aliens, but COVID-19.

‘The Sinner’ was enough to lure Bill Pullman to TV series

The fourth season of the USA Network police procedural anthology series launches with Bill Pullman returning to the role of troubled police detective Harry Ambrose. His character has been the only constant through the seasons with the characters at the center of the major crime changing each year. Season four...

Bill Pullman Teases A Shocking New Season Of 'The Sinner'

The emotional season three finale of The Sinner left viewers completely heartbroken. However, Detective Harry Ambrose's journey is far from over. Bill Pullman, who has played the character since season one, opened up on his character's evolution in the new season. "This journey with this particular troubled soul brings out...