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Bill Pullman Isn’t Really the President. But His Kids Have His “Fire”

Bill Pullman plays villains and heroes, average Joes and presidents, as well as good men and troubled souls, seamlessly pivoting between these roles in projects like Spaceballs, While You Were Sleeping, Independence Day, Lost Highway, The Goat, 1600 Penn, The Sinner, and All My Sons. He also, after decades of usually being the star of projects, still occasionally tackles supporting roles. That’s the case with Halston, the Ryan Murphy-produced limited series – available now on Netflix — about the iconic fashion designer, who reigned in the 1970s. Ewan McGregor stars as Halston, joined by Krysta Rodriguez as his muse and most famous client, Liza Minelli, and Pullman as David Mahoney, the businessman who backed Halston, helped him create the Halston empire, and served as something of a father figure to the brilliant and flamboyant, but deeply troubled designer. Fatherly caught up with the amiable, easygoing Pullman in Nova Scotia, where he’s shooting season four of The Sinner, to chat about Halston, The Sinner, his long career, and his thoughts about his son, Lewis, following him into acting.
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Hiding Out in Montana with Bill Pullman

The guest cabin on Bill Pullman’s Montana ranch has been violated. A winter windstorm, common here in the Boulder Valley, blew open the door, packrats entered, and now we’re surveying the damage: a nest of cactus leaves, shredded futon foam, an upended rack of drying herbs, feces in the sink. The vermin are over a foot long, notoriously bizarre, and seem to take glee in wreaking chaos. Pullman shakes his head sadly. He loves this ranch, though maintenance presents a challenge. Already he’s removed two trash bags full of packrat refuse. “They’re really fierce,” he says, adding, of the feces, “I was trying to determine if this was recent or not.”
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