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Climate activist Bill McKibben endorses Balint’s bid for US House

Climate activist Bill McKibben of Ripton has endorsed Senate President Pro Tempore Becca Balint’s Democratic candidacy for the U.S. House. Balint’s congressional campaign announced the endorsement Thursday in a news release, which celebrated McKibben’s endorsement as “remarkable and humbling.” McKibben cofounded and has authored numerous books and articles on climate change and the environment.
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Bill McKibben Reckons with the Glorified American History of His Boyhood

The obvious problem with this glorification of American history that entranced me as a boy is that the egalitarian impulse that drove the Revolution didn’t apply to everyone. In my mind, that problem eventually had two names: Prince Estabrook and Mark Codman. They were Black men of that time and place, to whom we shall return in a moment.
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Christ Church to Host Renowned Environmentalist Bill McKibben

Christ Church Greenwich Creation Care Series presents “What Might We Owe?” with Bill McKibben, Internationally Renowned Environmentalist, Activist, and Author, Sunday, May 29, 11:15 am. The program takes place in the Parish Hall. Bill McKibben is renowned among people most interested in being proactive about climate change. Awarded...

New picture book from noted environmentalist Bill McKibben

Environmentalist and bestselling author Bill McKibben's first-ever children's book We Are Better Together is out today. It is a hopeful and inspiring story that celebrates the power of human cooperation and the beauty of life on Earth, while also acknowledging and spreading awareness of our changing planet.  Northshire Bookstore will host his virtual launch on tonight at 5:30pm where Bill will be in-conversation with Carole Lindstrom, 2021 Caldecott Medalist and New York Times bestselling author of We Are Water Protectors.  As one of the most trusted, leading authorities speaking to the issue of climate change, there’s no one better to teach the next generation than Bill McKibben. He is a founder of the environmental organization, the first global grassroots climate campaign, and has organized on every continent, including Antarctica, for climate action. And in this time of crisis, including extreme disasters like wildfires and floods, it's children who may be the most powerful force for the transformation we need.

Bill McKibben speaks on fossil fuel divestment

Bill McKibben, a famous environmentalist and author, participated in a discussion at MSU on Wednesday, April 6, exploring the future of investment in fossil fuels. McKibben, author of 1989 book “The End of Nature,” which is considered one of the first books on climate change written for the public, was invited to speak by the Campus Climate Coalition (CCC), a student-led group advocating for the Alumni Foundation to divest the university endowment from fossil fuels. A working group formed in the fall by the Alumni Foundation, which manages the endowment, is studying strategies for divestment.

Joe Manchin Nominates Bill McKibben For Congressional Medal Of Distinction

Joe Manchin, the erstwhile senator from West Virginia, surprised his critics today when he announced he has nominated Bill McKibben for the Congressional Medal of Distinction. The announcement was unexpected, since McKibben has recently lambasted Manchin for his relentless pursuit of personal financial gain while serving in office. McKibben based...

Bill McKibben on climate activism as a lifetime fight

Bill McKibben has been spreading the message about climate change — as well as fighting it as an activist — for more than 30 years. After decades of work entrenched in the thick of debates and disaster surrounding climate change, one could start to lose hope. But McKibben has a message: It’s not too late, and you’re not too old.
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Bill McKibben Calls for 'Heat Pumps for Peace and Freedom'

We recently discussed a World War II-style mobilization for electrifying, heatpumpifying, insulating, and bicycling in a recent post, titled "We Need to Electrify, Heatpumpify and Insulate Our Way Out of the Current Crises." We are not alone in this. Author and educator Bill McKibben, once described on Treehugger as the...

Ukraine, Fossil Fuels, Bill McKibben, & You

When history books are written 100 years from now (assuming there are still any people around to write them), February 2022 will be described as a “watershed moment.” The invasion of Ukraine by a deranged Russian lunatic is not specifically about fossil fuels, but it will mark the time when humans decided whether to abandon them and live or embrace them and die.

From the Magazine: Bill McKibben

The fossil fuel foe is still fighting the good fight, more than 30 years after sounding the first alarm. For all the attention Al Gore has brought to environmental issues, he hasn’t yet had an entire species named in his honor. Bill McKibben, on the other hand, was able to scratch this off his bucket list in 2014, when biologists christened a new species of woodland gnat the megophthalmidia mckibbeni.