Bill James

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Bill James on MLB: Too much is foul, and more thoughts on making the game better

It would be too much to say Bill James and Rob Manfred are kindred spirits. But, when the father of modern analytics talks, we listen. "Baseball has terrible aesthetic problems," James said. "We all know that. But, in many cases, it isn't the rules that are causing them. It's the lack of new rules."

Bill James: A Nostalgic Handbook

Perusing the pages of books about the previous baseball season may cause one to become nostalgic about the recently experienced past. Typically a period of thirty years is required to drum up such misty-eyed recollections. But when in the grips of an MLB lockout, or couping with the lack of live baseball, it is easier to get moony in less time.
Boston Globe

Is there anything to the cryptic criticism from Bill James on the 2011 Red Sox, and other thoughts

Picked-up pieces while pondering the truly unbelievable career of David Ortiz . . . ▪ Here’s a post-holiday gift for Red Sox fans — a parlor game in which you sit around drinking with friends and try to identify the racists, potheads, criminals, drunks, and all-around crazies on the 2011 Red Sox. That team, you may remember, delivered the greatest collapse in baseball history with a 7-20 September that eliminated them from what appeared a certain playoff spot.