Bill Hodges

Bill Hodges receives 2022 Salt & Pepper Award

The annual Salt & Pepper Outstanding Senior Awards are presented by the Senior Connection Center of Tampa to recognize the achievements of some remarkable local senior volunteers. The awards highlight their efforts in helping other seniors and folks with disabilities live independent and dignified lives. This year’s awards were announced...
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When coach Bill Hodges met Larry Bird

Patrick Wood and Steve Zukerman see a spot for their upcoming film in the pantheon of Indiana sports movies. It could fit right alongside “Hoosiers,” “Breaking Away” and “Rudy.” “Rocky” might be an appropriate comparison, too, even though that’s a Philadelphia-based flick.

The untold story of how Indiana State coach Bill Hodges persuaded Larry Bird to play for him

Larry Bird was an Indiana University, coach Bob Knight basketball dropout. He was back home in French Lick working as an 18-year-old garbage truck driver. He was behind the French Lick Springs Resort shooting hoops with the cooking staff that spring day in 1975. Out of college ball, that's where Bird got his basketball fix, practicing his game with the kitchen crew.