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Where Are Commissioner Bill Ford's Campaign Finance Reports?

SAN ANGELO, TX — State Law requires candidates for county office to file campaign finance reports periodically. Incumbent candidate Commissioner Bill Ford of Precinct 4 is missing the last two reports. This cycle, candidates were required by the State of Texas Ethics Commission to file at least four reports. The first was due January 18 and it contains donations and campaign expenses up to and including December 31, 2021. The next report was due 30 days prior to the election — or from January 1 until January 20, 2022, and was due January 31. The final report was called the “8-day Pre-…
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In His Own Words: Incumbent Tom Green County Commissioner Pct. 4 Bill Ford

SAN ANGELO – The candidates running for office in the May 24 GOP Runoff election in Tom Green County were asked recently to answer a series of questions posed by San Angelo LIVE! readers.   The questions were submitted to San Angelo LIVE! and were condensed into 12 questions.  Those 12 questions were then sent to the candidates.   The answers to those questions are being published as a tool to help voters decide who they want to vote for.  The Runoff election is May 24, 2022 with early voting running from May 16 to May 20.   Bill Ford in the incumbent Tom Green County Commissioner Pct. 4…
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Insider Weekends: Bill Ford Continues To Buy More Ford Shares

Executive Chair Bill Ford picked up $4.5 million worth of Ford stock on the open market last week. I was recently listening to Barry Ritholtz’s Masters in Business podcast interview with Darren Palmer, the VP of Ford’s Global EV Program, and he discusses the development of Ford’s first three all electric vehicles, including the Mustang Mach-E and the Ford F-150 Lightning truck. It was a fascinating interview and provided insights into how Ford plans to position the company for an electrified future by splitting the company into an electric division called the Model E and the legacy business continuing on as Ford Blue. While General Motors (GM) had a significant head start on Ford (NYSE:F) with electric vehicles like the Volt and Bolt and upcoming vehicles like the Hummer EV and the stunning Cadillac LYRIQ, it looks like Ford has a big hit on its hands with the Mustang Mach-E, which was selected by Consumer Reports as its top electric vehicle pick.

Bill Ford is Buying Ford Stock, Should You Too?

Over the last year, several company insiders have been selling their shares. This includes Elon Musk who has offloaded billions of dollars worth of Tesla shares. Meanwhile, Ford’s chairman Bill Ford has been adding more shares. Should you too buy the stock?. Ford was among the best performing S&P...

Bill Ford Snatches Up 2 Million Shares Of Ford Stock

Back in May of 2020, Ford CEO Jim Farley purchased 194,950 shares of Ford stock at about $5.13 each, a transaction that totaled roughly $1 million. At the time, it was the largest open-market share purchase by a Ford executive in at least the past 10 years, aside from a whopping $8 million dollar stock purchase by Bill Ford back in 2019. In recent months, Ford’s stock has surged considerably, making these moves look incredibly smart in retrospect, but Bill Ford apparently believes that the automaker’s stock rally isn’t over yet.
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Bill Ford exercises stock options to buy nearly 2 million Ford shares

Ford Motor Co. Executive Chair Bill Ford this week exercised stock options to buy nearly 2 million shares of the automaker's common stock for approximately $20.5 million, a move the company characterized as a signal of his belief in where the business is headed. “The decision to exercise these options...

Bill Ford could have sold automaker stock for $18M. He paid $20M to keep it instead.

Bill Ford, executive chair of Ford Motor Company, dramatically expanded his personal investment in the automaker on Wednesday, according to a federal regulatory filing. He opted to exercise nearly 2 million stock options granted to him as part of his executive pay package. A large portion of the options were set to expire soon and have no value after they expire. ...

Ford Motor Chair Bill Ford on automaker's stock rally, SPACs and investors

DETROIT – After a decade of mediocrity, Ford Motor shares are up by nearly 50% this year and on pace for their best annual performance since 2009. Investors like the new turnaround plan from CEO Jim Farley called Ford+ that aims to better position the automaker to build electric and autonomous vehicles as well as to generate recurring revenue. Thus far, electric vehicle introductions from Ford such as the Mustang Mach-E and upcoming Ford F-150 Lightning have been well-received by investors.