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Bill Black: The Best Way to Rob a Bank Is to Own One (Part 1/9)

Yves here. Bill Black is back! The website New Economic Perspectives, where Bill and many MMT luminaries held forth, has gone quiet. But Bill was also a regular at Paul Jay’s The Real News Network, and Black has come for a long-form discussion at Jay’s new initiative, Bill uses the title of his book to review and update financial fraud, American style, which means driven primarily by bank executives. He starts with a review of the S&L crisis, where he not only had a ringside seat but also successfully pursued some of the perps. This is one of the reason Bill has little sympathy for the failure to prosecute bankers: he’s shown it can be done.
Morristown, TNCitizen Tribune

Dr. Bill Black

Dr. Bill Black, 49, of Morristown, passed away Monday, February 22, 2021 at Vanderbilt Medical Center. He was Ob/Gyn doctor at Morristown-Hamblen Healthcare Systems since 2007; he was an avid aviator at the Morristown Airport; he was a member of EOA; instructor at LMU; reserve police officer SWAT medic; and loved working in his garden. Bill was of the Christian faith and he loved his family more than anything else.

Nancy and Bill Black

OELWEIN – To long-time residents of Independence and the surrounding area, the names Bill and Nancy Black probably ring strong in your memory. Bill, an Independence native and gifted storyteller, served as pastor at Cornerstone Foursquare Church for a number of years before retiring about seven years ago. Nancy, a retired schoolteacher with an endearing smile and a loving heart, taught 3rd grade in Independence for 17 years, retiring “about five years ago.”