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BIFF BYFORD Reveals Two Working Titles For SAXON's Next Album

Biff Byford spoke to SiriusXM's "Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk" about the progress of the recording sessions for SAXON's next studio album. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): "I just finished the vocals about 20 minutes before I came on the phone with you. It's going off to [producer/mixer] Andy Sneap. And he'll be mixing it sometime before June. And then it'll ready to go."

SAXON's BIFF BYFORD: 'We're Just Trying To Write Great Songs That We Can Play Live'

Biff Byford has told Germany's Rock Antenne that SAXON has always written music that was intended to be performed in concert. "We're a big live band," he said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). "I think all the bands are from that era that are still around — [JUDAS] PRIEST and [IRON] MAIDEN, SAXON, WHITESNAKE. They still do a lot of touring, because our music is written for live — we write music to play live, and we always have done. I think maybe in the late '80s, we sort of made more records for the studio, but I soon changed that around again and went back to writing songs that we wanted to play live. And I think that's one of the big keys. Then you don't get too carried away with all the arrangements and all the production. We use a lot of keyboards and effects and things to make things interesting, but we're not trying to write for anybody in particular — we're not trying to have a radio hit or a hit video on YouTube. We're just trying to write great songs that we can play live."

SAXON's BIFF BYFORD Is Working On An Album With His Son SEB

SAXON singer Biff Byford is collaborating with his son Seb (NAKED SIX) on a new album, to be released before the end of the year. Speaking to Sweden's RockSverige, Biff stated about the effort: "The record company wants to call it 'BIFF AND SEB' or 'SEB AND BIFF,' but we would like to do it with a band name and we've got the name HEAVY WATER. I quite like that name. We have a working title called 'Red Brick City'. We'll call it 'Heavy Water' or… I don't know. The working title might change. As we speak at this moment, we're doing bass guitars. I'm playing some and Seb's playing some. When I finish talking to you, I'm going back into the studio.

BIFF BYFORD Explains Why SAXON Chose To Cover AC/DC's 'Problem Child' For 'Inspirations' Album

SAXON singer Biff Byford spoke to Sonic Perspectives about his band's decision to record a version of AC/DC's "Problem Child" for its upcoming covers album, "Inspirations". "Someone either gave me [AC/DC's] first album or I stole it back in the '70s," Biff said. "The thing with AC/DC is that they are groove monsters. Their songs are all about feel. You have to get the groove right. You have to get the guitar sound right. I have two guitars, a 1965 SG Junior and a 1974 SG. [SAXON guitarists] Paul [Quinn] and Doug [Scarratt] used those two guitars, so we got that AC/DC Gibson sound. I think we cracked it open a little louder than AC/DC. [Laughs] During the 'Dirty Deeds' album and tour, they played near Sheffield, where we used to live. I told the boys that we have to go and see this band. It must have been around 1976 or something. They played 'Problem Child', and when I thought about doing this 'Inspirations' album, I thought it was important to add that song because I heard it so many years ago."

BIFF BYFORD: SAXON's New Album To Arrive In February 2022

SAXON frontman Biff Byford has revealed to TotalRock's DJ Force X that the band's new album is tentatively scheduled to be released in February 2022. The disc's first single will likely arrive at the end of this year. Last June, Biff told Metal Rules that the recording sessions for SAXON's...

SAXON's BIFF BYFORD: 'You Couldn't Go And See VAN HALEN And Not Like Them'

SAXON frontman Biff Byford has commented on the passing of Eddie Van Halen, saying that "you couldn't go and see VAN HALEN and not like them." Byford discussed his appreciation for the groundbreaking musician in a new interview with Canada's The Metal Voice. Speaking about Eddie's death, Biff said: "Terrible...