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L.A. Native, Bianca Lawson Nominated For NAACP Image Award

Jasmine Viel talks to local actress, Bianca Lawson about her NAACP Image Award nomination for "Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series" for her work on Queen Sugar. The 53rd NAACP Image Awards premieres February 26th at 8/7c on BET.
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Bianca Lawson Answers Every Question We Have About Pretty Little Liars

We’re thrilled to be screening the season 6 finale of Queen Sugar at Vulture Festival this year. Join us Sunday November 14 at 5:30pm at the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel in Los Angeles, California for the screening followed by a conversation with Kofi Siriboe, Tina Lifford, Nicholas L. Ashe, Tammy Townsend, and Bianca Lawson. Get your tickets here!
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Bianca Lawson Wears A Charles & Ron Gown On HB’s ‘The Fashion Issue’ Cover

It’s a typical sunny day in LA, and “Queen Sugar” actress Bianca Lawson is at a secret location trying on gowns for our “Fashion Issue” cover shoot. She spends a few hours in glam before emerging on set with 40″ hair dripping from a statement headpiece by Ivan Bitton over her Charles & Ron FW21 gown. The fabric tells its own story. She’s literally wearing art and divine jewels by Shedean Jewelz and Tata LA.

Bianca Lawson Says She Doesn't Feel Typecast in Ageless Career: 'You're the Age You Feel'

Despite what some may say about her seemingly endless career of portraying young teens, Bianca Lawson would like to remind everyone that she has played other roles. Lawson, who has starred on OWN's Queen Sugar since it premiered in September 2016, tells ET's Melicia Johnson that although many people recognize her from her plethora of regular TV gigs over the past 20 years, that's because those roles are from shows that gained the most popularity. "It's interesting, because I did a lot of different parts during all of those things and for whatever reason, those are the shows and those are the parts that became really popular," she says, pointing out that before she became Maya St. Germain in Pretty Little Liars, she played an FBI agent on the A&E series The Cleaner.

Bianca Lawson Found Out Her “Pretty Little Liars" Character Died from a Costar

Strange things happened in Pretty Little Liars' small town of Rosewood all the time, from romantic entanglements to cryptic notes from "A" to full-on murder, so as a character on the show, you may meet certain death at any turn. Actor Bianca Lawson played Maya St. Germain, Emily's girlfriend who was tragically murdered, on Pretty Little Liars, but it turns out that Bianca herself didn't know what was in store for her character until one of her costars spilled the beans.

Bianca Lawson Agrees That Blue on 'Queen Sugar' Should Get a Sibling

Last week's episode of Queen Sugar brought a much-needed dose of happiness to our lives. Darla Sutton (Bianca Lawson) and Ralph Angel Bordelon (Kofi Siriboe) finally got married after five tumultuous seasons that truly tested their relationship. For a long time, Darla struggles with her addictions and demons. She and Ralph have a baby together (a son named Blue), although we later learn Blue is not Ralph's biological son, and that he was likely conceived when Darla was sexually assaulted.

Bianca Lawson Answers Every Question We Have About Pretty Little Liars

It would be a mistake to typecast Bianca Lawson. Best known for playing the “cool Black girl,” Lawson has embodied the mean girl in Sister, Sister, the ex-girlfriend in Save the Last Dance, and a “handmaiden” who happens to be one of the most powerful witches ever in The Vampire Diaries. But for every part coded in the script as “second choice” to the white protagonists, Lawson has given the characters the dimension their writers couldn’t or, more likely, wouldn’t. When her role as the bisexual new girl in town, Maya St. Germain, on Pretty Little Liars was unceremoniously killed off in 2013 — murdered offscreen by a stalker and carted away in a body bag — Lawson became the face of another pervasive Hollywood trope: Bury Your Gays, where LGBT characters are murdered gratuitously. Maya’s death in season two of the Freeform teen drama was season three’s major mystery, until it’s revealed that the show’s villain, A, didn’t have anything to do with it. It was a jealous man. Go figure.

Bianca Lawson May or May Not Be in a Relationship, but We'd Never Know

Bianca Lawson, who plays Darla on Queen Sugar, has been taking over our TV screens for a while — and we are perfectly okay with this. Before Queen Sugar, Bianca played Talia in Rogue, and she's also had roles in Teen Wolf, The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Buffy, Sister, Sister and more. Also...she's Beyoncé’s stepsister. With so much publicity, obviously there's a lot of interest in Bianca's personal life. Like, who she's dating.

Bianca Lawson and Beyoncé Are Stepsisters — Here Are the Details on Their Family Tree

The fountain of youth is real and 41-year-old actress Bianca Lawson is living proof of this fact. Since starring in our old school favorites like Save the Last Dance, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Sister, Sister, Bianca has not aged a day and fans are wondering if the secret behind her beauty is the result of good genes — or magic. So, who does Bianca get her good looks from?

‘Queen Sugar’ Star Bianca Lawson On Bringing Life to Complex Black Characters Since the ‘90s

This Black History Month, HelloGiggles' In the Making is honoring the Black women working to make 2021 a better world—from an iconic actress who's made massive strides for Black representation on-screen to a therapist whose organization works to promote the mental health of Black women everywhere. These women are true examples of history in the making, and we're honored to share their incredible stories.