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Bess Kalb on the TV show she wishes she'd written and the classic novel she never read

In Bess Kalb's best-selling memoir Nobody Will Tell You This But Me, she tells readers about four generations of women, all centered on her formidable grandmother Bobby Bell. But that's just the beginning of her storytelling work: The author is a highly successful television writer, having spent eight years at Jimmy Kimmel Live, in addition to credits that include the Academy Awards and Democratic National Convention. Here, on the heels of the paperback release of Nobody, Kalb offers her own takes on her most formative pop culture — with TV picks and so much more.
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Bess Kalb Celebrates Women in Comedy With ‘Yearly Departed’

Bess Kalb didn’t mean to end 2020 by making Christopher Hitchens’ “Why Women Aren’t Funny” go viral. The 2007 Vanity Fair essay is — like so much of its late author’s work — self-indulgent, poorly written and lacking any well-defined quality beside its ability to irritate people. One of those...
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‘Yearly Departed’ on Amazon: Head Writer Bess Kalb Explains How An All-Female Crew Pulled Off The 2020 Sendoff Comedy Special

It’s no surprise that many of the countries that have handled the current pandemic the best are run by women, and so it should also come as no surprise that the hilarious 2020 sendoff comedy special, Yearly Departed, now streaming on Prime Video, was also exclusively run by women. I spoke to one of those women, head writer Bess Kalb, about the entire experience: the writers’ room Zoom, the COVID-conscious filming of the special, and the group text that is still going — and with quite the name, at that.

Bess Kalb Is Sorry for Setting That Lady on Fire That One Time

This is it, the last week of this cursed year, and as a special treat for ourselves, we had Jeff Loveness and Bess Kalb get together on our Instagram for 2020’s final episode of Two Friends: A Nice Time Hanging Out With People Who Know Each Other Well to chat about life, Kalb’s year-end Amazon comedy special Yearly Departed, and, of course, Ant-Man 3. But first, the two comedy writers decided to finally apologize for the infamous 2014 video the two created when they worked on Jimmy Kimmel Live! where a woman trying to twerk catches on fire and falls through a coffee table. “We fooled the net,” Loveness offered, after showing off the Webby Award the two received for the staged viral video. “We shouldn’t have fooled so many people,” Kalb said. “But I will be buried with that award.”