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The legacy of Benjamin Banneker

On Saturday, Bradley Beal and Hoop For All unveiled a newly renovated basketball court at Banneker Courts in Downtown D.C. The court is located near the Howard University campus at Banneker Recreation Center. The park, as well as a handful of other locations around the region, is named after Benjamin Banneker, a remarkably influential figure in Washington D.C.’s history, whose work helped marked the district’s cartographic limits. Here, we take a closer look a Banneker’s legacy and why he means so much to Washington D.C.
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Black Farmer, Inventor and Scientist: Who Was Benjamin Banneker?

February is Black History Month, so it’s a good time to learn about an important historical figure who was a farmer and almanac author as well as an inventor, scientist and surveyor. His name is Benjamin Banneker, and he was very interested in astronomy, too. Banneker published a number...
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Black History Makers: Benjamin Banneker

Benjamin Banneker was a mathematician, astronomer, landowner, and author of a commercially successful series of almanacs. He was born on November 9,1731,1 in Baltimore County, Maryland, the son of an ex-slave named Robert Bannaky and his wife Mary (born Mary Banneker). Benjamin had three sisters and was raised on a family-owned farm.

Benjamin Banneker - A hero forgotten in time

Bannecker is an example of the African American contribution to the founding of this country. It is unfortunate that Benjamin Banneker, an African American who contributed so much to the early history of this country, is not known by many people. As an African American, I am proud to present this information during Black History Month on his contribution to American clockmaking.

The Amazing Almanacs of Benjamin Banneker

For six years (1792-1797) a genius in early American history published almanacs with copious information about the seasons. Benjamin Banneker, self-taught, informed Americans of crucial science of the time to aid in trades including agriculture and fishing: astronomical calculations, cycles of locusts, phases of the moon, tide charts and more.