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Ben Fordham slams WHO’s latest advice for women

Ben Fordham has slammed the World Health Organisation over their latest advice for women. The WHO released a draft report that pushed for women of “child-bearing age” to be prevented from drinking alcohol. “I think we all know by now they’ve lost the plot and they’ve now added further evidence.”
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Russell Crowe chats to Ben Fordham about new Aussie film studio

Russell Crowe says the new movie studio in Coffs Harbour will target independent films. The studio, to be built at the Pacific Bay Resort, will be accompanied by a new Regional Job Precinct considered by the NSW government. Crowe told Ben Fordham major studios across the world are booked out.
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Ben Fordham goes into bat for under fire cricketer

English cricketer Ollie Robinson has been suspended from all international cricket amid an investigation into racist and sexist social media messages. The tweets were posted by the 27-year-old when he was a teenager. Robinson has since apologised. “He’s been cancelled,” Ben Fordham said. “God forbid if everyone was judged on...

Ben Fordham calls out ‘ridiculous’ advice given to sports fans

AFL fans have been told, “don’t touch the ball” at a game in South Australia this weekend. South Australia’s chief public health officer, Prof Nicola Spurrier, has warned fans not to touch the ball if it flies into the crowd during Adelaide’s home game against Melbourne-based Collingwood. There are concerns...

‘Why are you laughing?’: Ben Fordham presses Josh Frydenberg

Ben Fordham has grilled Treasurer Josh Frydenberg on making changes to the fringe benefits tax (FBT) to help struggling businesses. NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet has declared any FBT relief needs to be delivered by the federal government. But when Ben raised the issue with the federal Treasurer he received an...

‘Regional NSW is at war’: Ben Fordham slams ‘invisible minister’

Ben Fordham has slammed the NSW Agriculture Minister for being “missing in action” while regional NSW fights a devastating mouse plague. NSW Agriculture Minister Adam Marshall unveiled a rescue package for struggling residents but has refused to front up for questioning since. “Regional NSW is at war,” Ben Fordham declared.

Ben Fordham belts out ‘winner’ vaccine campaign song live on-air

Ben Fordham has joined his producer, Zac, in belting out an original vaccine campaign song. Zac has reimagined The Police’s 1978 classic Roxanne to encourage people to get vaccinated. Press PLAY below to hear the duo belt out the cover. Ben played the song for Ray Hadley, a musical enthusiast,...

Ben Fordham questions new sexual consent laws

Ben Fordham is questioning the state’s proposed overhaul of sexual consent laws. A court will no longer be able to find a perpetrator had reasonable grounds to believe a victim was consenting, unless steps were taken to obtain that consent. “Be warned,” Ben said, “our lawmakers are entering the bedroom.”

Ben Fordham confronts PETA activist over mouse plague comments

Ben Fordham has confronted an animal activist after PETA came under fire for their comments on the mouse plague in regional Australia. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have argued the rodents should not be killed or denied their “right” to food because of the “dangerous notion of human supremacy”.

Ben Fordham blasts ‘flog’ mocking NSW police officer

Footage has emerged of a driver in NSW mocking a police officer for his salary after being pulled over. The driver suggested he was only stopped because of the colour of his skin and the clothes he was wearing. “I’ve found my nominee for knob of the year,” Ben Fordham...