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Ben Domenech: Consider the possibility we are led by idiots

Fox News host Ben Domenech reacted Wednesday to the dump of emails from Dr. Anthony Fauci saying it reinforces the idea that bureaucrats aren't always the smartest people on "Fox News Primetime." DOMENECH: Consider the possibility we are led by idiots. It’s a line I’ve reiterated for years to our...
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Inside Meghan McCain's Relationship With Her Husband, Ben Domenech

In 2020, "The View"'s Meghan McCain and her husband, Ben Domenech became first-time parents. On Twitter, "The View" wrote, "we are excited to share the happy news that our @MeghanMcCain and her husband Ben Domenech have welcomed their first child, daughter Liberty Sage McCain Domenech." Most of McCain's life has been lived out in the public eye. However, Good Housekeeping explains that she's kept her love life out of the spotlight. So, here's inside Meghan McCain's relationship with her husband, Ben Domenech. His career has very closely aligned with the world she grew up in.
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Ben Domenech: Biden's mixed COVID messaging is 'damaging'

JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Starting today, if you are fully vaccinated and you are outdoors, you need -- and not in a big crowd - - you no longer need to wear a mask. I want to be absolutely clear, if you are in a crowd like a stadium or at a conference, or a concert, you still need to wear a mask, even if you are outside.
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Ben Domenech: The Left's culture wars hasten America's decay

"Fox News Primetime" host Ben Domenech Friday discussed how the left's liberal policies are leading to the decay of the United States. BEN DOMENECH: Most of you, if you’re allowed by your corrupt leaders, go to work and work hard all over the country. Or you're retired after a career well spent. You love your country. You can defend your home, or you’ll damn well try.
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Ben Domenech: The Left is pushing to redefine justice

"Fox News Primetime" host Ben Domenech spoke to what he calls the Left's push to redefine justice following the conviction of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in the killing of George Floyd. DOMENECH: The things that we own, the life that we have; and that we ought to be...
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Ben Domenech: 'Only one nation' is fighting culture war between America, China -- and it's not US

"Fox News Primetime" host Ben Domenech slammed "woke" American companies like Apple and Google Wednesday for ignoring China’s human rights violations. DOMENECH: A year-and-a-half ago, I was standing in the streets of Hong Kong watching as a group of some of the bravest people I’ve ever seen stared down the forces of communist wrath. I met and interviewed these young people, barely old enough to buy a drink, and talked about their tragic, doomed struggle against Beijing, trying to hold onto the Hong Kong they knew and loved.

Ben Domenech On The American Crisis: What Does It Mean To Be A Nation?

"Fox News Primetime" host Ben Domenech sounded the alarm of a "new American crisis" during his first show Monday, asking who will lead the nation when the crisis ends. "Understand it is the totalitarian left that WANTS a national divorce. They want racial strife that burns down your cities. They want envy and segregation and division that pays for their million-dollar homes in Topanga Canyon. They want to demolish Mount Rushmore and force you to pay for abortions. They want to teach your children to hate cops, the anthem, the flag, and everything you were raised to love and respect," he said. "But we’re on to them. We’re not going to let them. And together, we’re going to show them what free people do."

Who is Meghan McCain's husband? Meet Ben Domenech

Who is Meghan McCain’s husband, Ben Domenech? McCain is in the news today due to a call-out in last night’s episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. With the media spotlight on her, viewers are curious to know more about Meghan McCain’s life. Who is Meghan McCain?. Meghan McCain...
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Ben Domenech: Fauci Has Outlived His Usefulness, Demonstrated You Shouldn't Even Bother Getting Vaccine

The Federalist's Ben Domenech on Sen. Rand Paul's exchange with Dr. Anthony Fauci: "Look, I want to be measured and when i am saying here, Dr. Fauci is someone who has worked very hard for the American people. He is in many ways someone that we all should respect, but I think that the fact is that he is someone as a messenger who has outlived his usefulness to both administrations, this one in the previous one because of his inconsistency is and because I think people see through this kind of theater that Rand Paul was criticizing. Which basically says, despite the fact that you've been vaccinated, even if you have gone through this whole procedure in order to get the shots, nothing about your life is going to change under our guidelines. That's the opposite of the message we ought to be sending and it is the opposite of the message politicians ought to be sending. Virtually all of them that you see on your tv cameras have been vaccinated. They are not going to be transmitting this disease, they are not vulnerable to it anymore, and instead of living that out in front of us as an incentive for more Americans to get vaccinated, they are engaged in this type of theater that is to play on our cameras that really illustrates to people, you shouldn't even bother because nothing about your life is going to change, and that to me is very dangerous."

Ben Domenech: Shelby Steele & The Consequences Of Courage

On his new Fox News podcast, host Ben Domenech publisher, and co-founder of The Federalist talks with author, race relations expert and Senior Fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution, Shelby Steele. Steele shares how the conversation around race has changed over his lifetime, he helps explain the difference between equality...

Fox News Signs Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech As A Contributor

Fox News Media has signed Ben Domenech, the publisher and co-founder of The Federalist, as a contributor. Domenech will provide commentary across all of the network’s platforms and host a weekly podcast for Fox News Audio. More from Deadline. Domenech, who has been a frequent guest on Fox News, co-founded...