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Harrisonburg, VAWHSV

Congressman Ben Cline visits Stonewall Jackson High School

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) - Congressman Ben Cline visited Stonewall Jackson High School on Wednesday to speak with a few classes after receiving a letter from a senior who was curious to learn more about what Congress does. “I didn’t really think he would respond, but he did,” said senior Tyler...
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Rep. Ben Cline announces 2021 Congressional Art Competition

News, press releases, letters to the editor: Congressman Ben Cline announced this week his office’s participation in the 2021 Congressional Art Competition. The winning artwork will be displayed for one year in the U.S. Capitol alongside other pieces from across the country and will also be featured on’s...
Roanoke, VAWSLS

Congressman Ben Cline tours vaccination site at Berglund Center

ROANOKE, Va – As COVID-19 vaccine supply increases across the Roanoke Valley, Congressman Ben Cline paid a visit to one of the largest vaccination sites in the region. Hundreds and sometimes thousands of people get vaccinated here at the Berglund Center almost every day. “We’ve got folks from all over...
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Letter: Nothing honorable about Ben Cline

Well, it turns out there is nothing honorable about the Honorable Ben Cline. His most recent support of conspiracy theories, mistruths and lies, as well as his continued blind support of a rogue and dangerously unstable president place him on the list of those elected officials complicit with insurrection and tyranny. Blood is on his hands.
Texas StateRoanoke Times

Letter: Ben Cline acted as a Trumpian, not a Republican

I write in response to the recent editorial piece in which 6th District Representative Ben Cline offers an explanation for his support of the recent case brought forward by the State of Texas to the Supreme Court. Primarily, Mr. Cline’s defense is that the case was dismissed owing to lack of standing to bring the case forward rather than owing to its merits. This is the thinnest of arguments. As a lawyer, Mr. Cline knew, or should have known, that the Supreme Court would dismiss the case on those very grounds since it is clear that the case had no standing. By suggesting that it had “merits” that the Court should have evaluated, he conveniently overlooks the fact that dozens of courts had already dismissed the allegations of fraud and irregularities owing precisely to absence of merit. While he tries to hide his complicity in attempting to overthrow the results of the election, the fact is that this kind of political stunt has become one of his favorite activities in Washington, capped off by his astounding vote to challenge the election results in Arizona and Pennsylvania just hours after an attempted insurrection aimed at doing just that had occurred.
Staunton, VAWHSV

Rally in Staunton calls for Congressman Ben Cline to resign

STAUNTON, Va. (WHSV) - For the second week in a row, residents from the Shenandoah Valley are rallying for Congressman Ben Cline to resign. “I think that people are very upset about Mr. Cline violating his oath of office by lying about what was a free and fair election,” said rally organizer, William Walker.
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Reps. Ben Cline and Morgan Griffith of Roanoke Valley must go, demonstrators say

Demonstrators on Saturday called for Western Virginia’s Congressional representatives to step down, connecting Republican opposition to election results to the deadly storming of the U.S. Capitol. At peaceful events in Staunton and Salem, protesters chanted and waved signs to show their disapproval for U.S. Reps. Ben Cline, R-Botetourt, and Morgan...
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Ben Cline Should Resign

Be he/she, a Democrat, Republican or Independent, there is no place here for a seditionist and a traitor to democracy. Let's be clear: there is no evidence of wide-spread fraud affecting the recent election; there is no justification for an invasion of another state's right to frame its election procedures.
Staunton, VANews-Virginian

Organizers calling for Congressman Ben Cline’s resignation

STAUNTON — Two Staunton men have joined together to organize a second peaceful protest calling for the immediate resignation of Virginia’s Sixth Congressional District representative Ben Cline. The “RESIGN Ben Cline” rally scheduled for Saturday is the second protest following Cline’s actions of objecting official election results on Jan. 6,...
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Congressman Ben Cline supported lies of ‘stolen’ election

Those of us who were born and raised in these mountains, and those who have chosen to make them their home, often pride themselves on their common sense. We have to plan a little differently than those who live a few minutes from all the modern conveniences. I, for one, think it’s worth all the things we have to do differently to call this place our home.
Waynesboro, VANews-Virginian

Letter: Rep. Ben Cline should resign immediately

Rep. Ben Cline needs to resign immediately. He is as much responsible as President Donald Trump for the display of domestic terrorism we all witnessed at the Capitol on Jan. 6. First he signed onto that ridiculous lawsuit presented to the Supreme Court without a shred of factual evidentiary support. A suit so ridiculous that the now conservative heavy court would not even consider it. All it accomplished was to provide the illusion of credibility to utter nonsense and fanned the flames of insurrection.

Letter: Rep. Ben Cline should resign

I have been watching Rep. Ben Cline as he continually supported the growing disturbing behavior of President Donald Trump with dismay. However, it is clear that Cline not only does not represent his constituents in favor of throwing in his lot with a selfish, dishonest, dangerous man. He is now forever aligning himself with a group of toadying, obsequious sycophants.
Roanoke, VAWSLS

Protesters against Rep. Ben Cline march to his Roanoke office

ROANOKE, Va. – A Southwest Virginia congressman’s vote against the Electoral College results Wednesday inspired a small group of Roanoke protesters to demonstrate against him. A gathering of about 20 people marched from Elmwood Park to Rep. Ben Cline’s Roanoke office Thursday morning. The group planned to talk to people...
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Representative Ben Cline (VA-06) will support objections to the Electoral College certification process on Wednesday, January 6.

Representative Ben Cline (VA-06) announced that he will support objections to the Electoral College certification process on Wednesday, January 6. He released the following statement:. On January 6, 2021, the U.S. House and Senate will convene in a joint session to open the electoral votes submitted by state government officials,...