BEETLEJUICE Is Back And Haunting Broadway’s Marquis Theater: Exclusive Photos And Convo X Fango

Get ready to shake, señoras! It's showtime, Beetlejuice the musical is back and we have some exclusive stills to give you a sneak peek of the Neitherworld and the ghost with the most. The show went dark March 11, 2020 but the Beetle brood is back, with a new theater to call home. Based on Tim Burton's 1988 classic of the same name, the show transports audiences into an undead playground as the newly dead Maitlands go head to head with the Deetz family now living in their home.
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'Beetlejuice' Retro Collection Unveiled From Designers Micheline Pitt & Lynh Haaga [Exclusive]

The whimsical and macabre creations from L.A.-based designers Micheline Pitt and Lynh Haaga have come together with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, to present a Beetlejuice-inspired collaboration fit to impress in this world and the next. The two fashion houses, Vixen by Micheline Pitt and La Femme En Noir have joined forces to create a collection of skirts, dresses, accesories and more that evoke the strange and unusual aesthetics of the afterlife and the living, paying homage to the classic Tim Burton film. This brand-new retro-inspired line is available for order July 22 and Collider has the opportunity to share an exclusive first look!
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Thor 4 has an accidental Beetlejuice reference

Thor 4 had a lot of surprise Easter eggs and cameos related to past MCU movies, Greek and Norse mythology — but there’s one, in particular, you might have overlooked — the rumoured surprise cameo of Beetlejuice. For the uninitiated, Beetlejuice is a ghost movie about a...

20 facts you might not know about 'Beetlejuice'

Who’s the ghost with the most? There’s only one name that comes to mind, but it’s a name you don’t want to say three times. It'll be hard to write about Beetlejuice without saying "Beetlejuice," but it’s worth the risk to discuss this hit horror comedy that helped bolster a few careers. Here are 20 facts you may not know about Beetlejuice. Whoops, that’s three times. We’re in trouble now.

Alex Brightman on stepping back into the spotlight with the return of ‘Beetlejuice’

NEW YORK – Beetlejuice is back on Broadway with Alex Brightman reprising his Tony-nominated performance. After closing at the Winter Garden Theatre, Beetlejuice has found new life at the Marquis Theatre. The star sat down with The Broadway Show‘s Tamsen Fadal at the Renaissance Hotel to talk about stepping back in as the show’s “ringmaster,” changing the way leading men are perceived and more.

Johnny Depp Cast in ‘Beetlejuice’ Sequel in Wake of Defamation Case Win

After his big win in court, Johnny Depp thanked the jury for giving him his life back. And the actor is not wasting any time relaunching his career. On Thursday, he was back on stage, performing at a Jeff Beck concert in London. And now he’s just won his first big post-trial movie role: starring in the sequel to “Beetlejuice.” Some advocates believe, however, that Depp’s victory will have a chilling effect on those who want to report domestic abuse.