bbymutha drops new EP MUTHALEFIC3NT

Back in 2020, bbymutha announced her retirement from rap with her debut album Muthaland, one of the best albums of that year. It turned out to be more of a withdrawal from the limelight that comes with being a hotly tipped artist, and bbymutha has steadily released new songs, EPs, and appeared as a feature on other rappers' tracks. Her unothodox career moves have clearly worked for her, as we can hear on MUTHALEFIC3NT, her new seven-track EP and third installment in her Muthaleficent series.
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bbymutha takes no prisoners on new EP left4dead

After announcing her retirement from music in 2020 upon the release of her debut album, Muthaland, Brittany Moore had her most prolific year as bbymutha to date in 2021. Her banner year culminated in July's CHERRYTAPE, a four-track EP of razor-sharp bars and boundary-busting beats, the latter courtesy of Moore's long-time collaborator Rock Floyd. Today she shares left4dead, her first offering of 2022.
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Bbymutha's 'Muthaland' Is Teaching Me That Status Isn't Everything

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