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Look: Old Tom Brady, Bart Scott Highlight Is Going Viral

Former Ravens/Jets linebacker Bart Scott grabbed a lot of headlines with his recent Tom Brady comments. Appearing on ESPN Radio last week, Scott weighed-in on the Manning vs. Brady debate, saying Peyton was the harder QB to face. I’d much rather go against Tom Brady every day of the week...
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Bart Scott takes (another) shot at Tom Brady

BOSTON -- Stop the presses. Alert the president. We have got some breaking news: Bart Scott is not a fan of Tom Brady.We'll hold for a moment as you collect your breath.Of course, the former Jets linebacker never was a fan of Tom Brady, but he's also gotten plenty of life in his decade of retirement by talking about Tom Brady. Scott did exactly that again on Tuesday, when he stated that defenses preferred facing Brady over Peyton Manning when those two were considered the best quarterbacks in the sport of tackle football."I'd rather play against Tom Brady every day...
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Brady or Manning: Bart Scott says one was more feared

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are seen as the two premier quarterbacks of their generation. Brady is generally treated as the superior of the two, and that's chiefly due to his unmatched winning résumé, decorated with more Lombardi trophies (seven) than any NFL franchise. But according to former...
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Bart Scott: Defenses rather face Tom Brady than Peyton Manning | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

Tom Brady is a seven-time Super Bowl champion but former Pro Bowl linebacker Bart Scott said quote: 'I'd much rather go against Tom Brady everyday of the week than go against Peyton Manning.' He added that Brady was quote: 'more about Bill Belichick, the entire team, the execution, them having a game plan.' Marcellus Wiley and Emmanuel Acho discuss whether Scott's comments on Brady are fair or foul.

Bart Scott: Every defense would rather face Tom Brady than Peyton Manning

As a linebacker that spent his entire career in the AFC, Bart Scott had plenty of battles with Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Against Brady, his Jets and Ravens teams went 2-8 in the regular season, but won their lone playoff contest in 2010. Against Manning, Scott was 1-4 in the regular season, but the long-time Colts quarterback knocked him out of the playoffs twice (1-2).

Bart Scott has strong thoughts on if he’d rather face Tom Brady or Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning had an amazing NFL career, and Tom Brady has had an amazing career in the league to date. There are plenty of pundits willing to debate their individual accomplishments, and plenty of areas they can be compared, with Manning leading in career completion percentage (65.3 to 64.2 percent) and yards per attempt (7.7 to 7.5), but Brady ahead in touchdowns to interceptions (624 to 203 versus 539 to 251) and Super Bowl wins (seven to two). One player-turned-pundit who’s faced both has a distinct preference for going against Brady rather than Manning, though; that would be ESPN analyst Bart Scott, who discussed this with Alan Hahn on their ESPN Radio show Thursday:

Bart Scott Confidently Launches Tom Brady-Peyton Manning Take

Even with the latter well into retirement, the Tom Brady-Peyton Manning debate seemingly can never die. Bart Scott reignited one of the NFL’s more popular arguments Friday on ESPN Radio. The linebacker-turned-analyst explained why, without a shadow of a doubt, he preferred going up against Brady over Manning during his playing days.

Bart Scott: 'I'd much rather go against' Tom Brady than Peyton Manning

No defense would want to face prime Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, but an interesting question is which of the two a defense would fear more. Former Pro Bowl linebacker Bart Scott revealed his choice on Thursday’s edition of ESPN Radio’s “Bart & Hahn.” Scott said he would rather face Brady, as Manning’s constant changes at the line of scrimmage give Scott “a different set of anxiety.”

ESPN’s Bart Scott: Jets are ‘twice as good’ as Patriots

ESPN analyst Bart Scott would like someone to tell him why the New York Jets roster “isn’t twice as good” as the New England Patriots’ roster. Scott, a former Jets linebacker, blasted Bill Belichick and the team’s offseason moves during an episode of “First Take” this week. Scott spoke with co-host and former Jets receiver Keyshawn Johnson and the state of the AFC East.