Barry Pepper

“CRAWL’s” Barry Pepper will now “SCURRY” for his life in new horror film

Described as a “genre-raising” fright feature, it’s coming from the people behind the OPERATION RAINFALL sci-fi franchise. Film Mode Entertainment and Sparke Films have announced that Barry Pepper (CRAWL, THE GREEN MILE) will play one of the leads in their new coproduction SCURRY, with more casting to be announced soon. Luke Sparke will direct the film, and also produce with Carmel Imrie and Carly Sparke. The synopsis: “In SCURRY, the city is under attack by a monstrous threat. Two strangers, a family man with everything to live for [Pepper] and a criminal with nothing to lose, find themselves trapped below ground during the chaos. Badly injured and with limited resources, they must navigate a treacherous, narrowing tunnel in hopes of finding an exit before they bleed out. Fear and desperation consume them as the threat closes in and they soon discover they have more to fear than each other.”
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