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Barry Corbin Reveals Cancer Surgery - Latest on 'Yellowstone' and 'The Ranch' Actor's Condition

Yellowstone actor Barry Corbin recently underwent surgery to treat oral cancer, the veteran actor revealed in a new interview. Corbin, 82, was working on Tulsa King when he needed to take time off for the procedure. The real-life cowboy is known for his distinctive voice and played Four Sixes Ranch cowboy Ross in the Yellowstone Season 4 episode "Under a Blanket of Red."
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‘Yellowstone’ star Barry Corbin reveals oral cancer battle that nearly derailed career

“Yellowstone” star Barry Corbin has revealed a recent “difficult” battle with oral cancer that cast a shadow over his career. “There was a spot in the inside of my cheek that didn’t go away. It came back that it was cancer,” the 82-year-old real-life cowboy opened up to People recently. “I already knew what it was. I hadn’t discussed it with anybody, but I knew,” the “One Tree Hill” and “Anger Management” alum noted. He confessed that physicians warned him he could have lost his husky, native-Texan drawl. “They told me there was a possibility my vocal cords would be impacted and that would cause...
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TV Q&A: That was Barry Corbin in 'Yellowstone'

In the "Yellowstone" episode "Under a Blanket of Red," an old cowpoke looks and sounds just like Wilford Brimley, but his name is not mentioned in the credits. The episode was first broadcast in November, and Brimley died in August 2020, but an episode was dedicated to Brimley. Did he really play in the scene uncredited, or did someone else do an excellent impersonation?

Reata Asked for Suggestions on a New Home, and You, and Barry Corbin, Delivered

In March, Mike Micallef, president of Reata restaurant, announced that he was exploring alternative locations for his popular downtown dining destination after his Sundance Square Management landlords appeared disinclined to offer a lease renewal. Micallef said this week that nothing has changed with the status of a lease renewal. Radio...
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Jon Heder & Barry Corbin in Comedy 'Funny Thing About Love' Trailer

"How long you guys been together, anyway?" Gravitas Ventures has debuted an official trailer for a holiday romantic comedy titled Funny Thing About Love, from filmmaker Adam White. "We really feel that what the world, and America in particular, needs this Holiday season is a feel-good, witty rom-com." A successful business woman takes her boyfriend home for Thanksgiving only to find her family is scheming to reunite her with her lost love, her other "one that got away." Summer Bellessa stars as Samantha, with a cast including Jon Heder, Barry Corbin, Pat Finn, Jason Gray, and Brooke White. This one belongs on the Hallmark channel, not in any theater. Another painfully obvious, been-there-done-that romcom to skip.

Barry Corbin Visits Coffeyville

An actor takes a break from filming a movie in Oklahoma to visit Coffeyville. Barry Corbin and his wife came up from Pawhuska to do some filming for “Killers of the Flower Moon” a movie set to release later this year. Corbin stopped by to see parts of downtown Coffeyville...