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Interview: Barbara Crampton on Zoom Scenes in Alone With You, Putting Faith in New Filmmakers, and Having More Fun Than Ever

If you ever get the opportunity to begin your day in a conversation with actor/writer/producer/all-around horror aficionado Barbara Crampton, I’d recommend you do so. The official occasion for my most recent discussion with Crampton was her appearance in the feature debut from filmmakers Emily Bennett & Justin Brooks, Alone With You, the story of Charlie (played by Bennett), a professional make-up artist awaiting the return of her girlfriend Simone (Emma Myles) from an extended work trip. She’s setting up their apartment for maximum romantic atmosphere. Meanwhile, she has to fend off some potential distractions, including her judgmental mother (Crampton), who is attempting to find a necklace belonging to her recently deceased mother that was given to Charlie. But once Charlie is able to focus on Simone’s return is when things get weird and then strange and then scary.
Picture for Interview: Barbara Crampton on Zoom Scenes in Alone With You, Putting Faith in New Filmmakers, and Having More Fun Than Ever

Three Great Things: Barbara Crampton

Three Great Things is Talkhouse’s series in which artists tell us about three things they absolutely love. In this latest column, legendary horror actress Barbara Crampton – who is now starring in both Emily Bennett and Justin Brooks’ indie horror Alone with You and Richard Bates Jr.’s horror comedy King Knight – shares the things she loves most in life. — N.D.

Barbara Crampton Talks About Her New Intense, Surprising Thriller-Without Men

Alone With You is an evocative, clever suspense horror thriller, which keeps you guessing as to whether the terror is psychological, all-too-humanly sadistic, or supernatural. Given the history of horror film, though, one of its bigger reveals isn't in the plot, but in the casting. Women have all the major...

Interview: Barbara Crampton (Alone With You, King Knight)

Barbara Crampton is an icon in her field of acting, creating memorable characters, and producing. Barbara Crampton has starred in everything from Re-Animator, From Beyond, Trancers II, The Young and the Restless, The Lords of Salem, Death House, King Knight, Superhost, and Alone With You. Barbara Crampton spoke with to talk about her new films.

Alone With You | Barbara Crampton Interview [Exclusive]

Iconic horror actress Barbara Crampton played plenty of terrifying roles in scary situations. In the indie horror film Alone With You, the story of being trapped inside an apartment with the supernatural hit too close to home with the production during the shutdown of pandemic and the practice of social distancing.

Horror Icon Barbara Crampton Selects Five Movies to Watch on Screambox!

Last month, Bloody Disgusting took the reigns on the newly-relaunched Screambox, a subscription-based streaming platform loaded with movies that also hosts our live channel, BDTV. We have such sights to show you over the next year, but today, we’re digging deep into our catalog with Barbara Crampton, who curates five films she’d have pulled straight off the video store shelf!

Horror Legend Barbara Crampton Is Spending Halloweek Cosplaying The Divas Of Darkness With Fangoria

One of genre cinema's great bright lights is turning simply electric for the Halloween season. Fangoria has unveiled a new Divas of Darkness photoshoot with the legendary Barbara Crampton ("We Are Still Here," "You're Next," "Re-Animator") as she gets a Bride of Frankenstein bedazzling from make-up man extraordinaire Brett Freedman. The LA-based makeup artist is transforming Crampton into two more horror icons before the week is up, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Barbara Crampton is ‘Back 4 Blood’: “I’m a Final Girl dammit!”

Back 4 Blood is Barbara Crampton’s first video game. You might not know her name but, if you lurk in horror circles – cuddlier than you might expect, I promise – hers is revered. So much so that excitedly telling friends I was interviewing Crampton suddenly meant enthusiastic audio messages squeaking about splattery horrors such as Castle Freak and Chopping Mall.

How Back 4 Blood enlisted horror icon Barbara Crampton to be its 'Mom'

If you're working on any sort of horror project, there's a leading lady who will always be on your casting wishlist. Back 4 Blood, the spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead, is no different, and recruited icon horror star Barbara Crampton for the role of Mom. Crampton has starred in notable horror movies for over 35 years, but Back 4 Blood is her first time voicing a character in a game.

Barbara Crampton on Shudder’s Jakob’s Wife, and older people’s stories in horror

Horror icon Barbara Crampton takes to the blood-soaked screen once again in Jakob’s Wife, a gory monster movie that is currently available on the streaming service Shudder. Directed by Travis Stevens, Crampton plays Anne, a timid wife of a minister who after meeting “The Master”, awakens a new, and deadly side of herself. Full of practical effects, and some gnarly vampiric fun, Jakob’s Wife pays homage to Crampton’s past iconic roles while also pointing towards her future trajectory as an actor and producer.

Barbara Crampton says Texas Chainsaw Massacre holds a special place in her heart

Everyone has their favourite scary movies, even iconic stars in the horror genre like Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator). During our recent interview with the actor about her time making the feminist monster movie, Jakob’s Wife, Crampton revealed her all-time favourite horror movie – The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and why it still sticks with her today.

Review: JAKOB’S WIFE Is A Role Barbara Crampton Can Sink Her Teeth Into

The general consensus is that when a female actor hits the age of 40, their career is pretty much over – or at the very least they’ll stop getting really juicy material. If anyone has been able to prove that belief wrong, it’s Barbara Crampton. Over the last several years the iconic scream queen has turned-in a series of great performances in a wide variety of roles – and Jakob’s Wife might be her finest yet. It would be easy (and lazy) to label Travis Stevens‘ latest effort as a vampire movie – it’s much more than that. Jakob’s Wife is essentially a relationship drama about a middle-aged couple re-finding (and redefining) their love for each other. It just so happens that the wife in the relationship is dealing with vampirism.

'Sacrifice' star Barbara Crampton: Modern horror defies labels

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 5 (UPI) -- Early in her career, Barbara Crampton starred in Re-Animator and From Beyond, two 1980s horror movies that still are popular. With more horror credits in the last 10 years, including the new film, Sacrifice, Crampton said horror has grown exponentially since her beginnings in the genre.