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Awsten Knight and Joel Madden have a low tolerance for boredom—watch

Given Waterparks’ discography, it would have been entirely acceptable and too easy for them to release a true-to-form greatest hits record composed of fan-favorite tracks. But rather than revisiting their previous accomplishments and restyling them, Waterparks’ fourth full-length, Greatest Hits, creates an encapsulating space that analyzes the perception of reality. While the trio wrote and recorded several tracks with Zakk Cervini ahead of the pandemic, which forced mass shutdowns in the music industry, Awsten Knight, Otto Wood and Geoff Wigington utilized their time off from touring to create what can only appropriately be described as their greatest hits.
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Waterparks’ Awsten Knight: “I wanted to make Greatest Hits sound more grand and expensive, and just massive…”

After a century-plus of music’s evolution, the concept of ‘originality’ has started to feel obsolete. If a sound exists, or has the potential to, trust that some agile producer has already found a way to make it bop in 4/4. In the 21st century, innovation is less about what you can invent than what you can do with the elements at your disposal. In recent years, we’ve seen death metal with horn sections, electronic ska, even classic rock written by artificial intelligence. Sometimes I wonder how John Lennon would’ve responded to dubstep.

Waterparks’ Awsten Knight: ​“If your art’s not getting a reaction, then what are you doing?”

“Hey, what do you think of this colour?” In typical Awsten Knight fashion, his interview with Kerrang! is not a straight-down-to-business affair. Before any talk of his band Waterparks or their new album Greatest Hits – out now via 300 Entertainment – comes close to being mentioned, the frontman talks K! through his latest choice of nail polish, before lighting a candle and pondering how he’s ​“never had a pedicure… I should do something about that!” Just five minutes prior he was on Waterparks’ Twitter account announcing a limited run of signed album copies, but in some ways, despite the buzz around Greatest Hits as release day approaches, he seems keen to separate himself from all the frenzy.

De’Wayne and Awsten Knight are releasing a new single on Thursday

Pals and tour buddies De’Wayne and Waterparks’ Awsten Knight have announced a new single. The pair will be sharing highly-anticipated collab Perfume this Thursday – March 18 – following the release De’Wayne’s wonderfully boisterous single I Know Something and Waterparks’ dreamy Snow Globe in February. Speaking to Kerrang! last year...
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There’s one artist Awsten Knight listens to every Christmas

Christmas music is one of the most divisive topics out there. There are people who immediately channel their inner Mariah Carey once Halloween winds down into the first day of November. And there are those who can’t stand festive tunes no matter how hard they try. And then there are Waterparks, who definitely have some hot takes from both stances.