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Austin McBroom teases another Battle of the Platforms after YouTube vs TikTokers success

Austin McBroom’s first new video following his fight against Bryce Hall seems to indicate that a new Battle of the Platforms event will be “coming soon.”. McBroom took on Hall on June 13 as the headline fight of the TikTok vs. YouTube “Battle of the Platforms” and there’s no doubt he dominated, but his latest video following the matchup could be the first news this wasn’t a one-off event.
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Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom Placed a $1 Million Bet on Their Fight

The long-hyped fight between a series of YouTube and TikTok stars happened on June 12, and plenty of fans from both platforms tuned in to watch creators on both sides duke it out in the ring. After the highly publicized (and successful) fight between Logan Paul and KSI, more influencers have been looking to get into the ring to settle their differences with other creators.

Erika Costell debunks Austin McBroom cheating rumors after viral lip liner tweet

YouTube star and model Erika Costell has spoken out about rumors regarding herself and Austin McBroom after a video from Tana Mongeau sparked a storm of speculation online. The ACE Family’s Austin McBroom is currently at the center of two purported cheating scandals. One TikToker has claimed that she slept with him in a “secret” Malibu estate, while MTV’s Tana Mongeau alleged that he had cheated with someone who’d left makeup in his car — specifically, a lip liner.

Austin McBroom Destroys Bryce Hall in Boxing Match

Austin McBroom was true to his name ... he cleaned the floor with Bryce Hall Saturday night, but it's unclear if the loser will have to ante up a million bucks. The event -- YouTubers vs. TikTokers -- is further proof these social media boxing matches are becoming the most popular events in combat sports ... like it or not.

Austin McBroom shuts down “lame” cheating claims from Tana Mongeau

Austin McBroom clapped back at Tana Mongeau after she claimed he cheated on his wife, Catherine, multiple times, including an instance where he hired four women as ‘fake nannies’. In June 2020, Jake Paul accused Austin McBroom of cheating on his wife “every weekend,” which ultimately led to a heated...
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YouTube vs. TikTok fight purse: How much will Austin McBroom, Bryce Hall earn in boxing exhibition?

A week after Floyd Mayweather bragged about being the best at "legalized bank robbing," it seems some YouTube and TikTok stars are hoping to join in on the fun. In an event named "Battle of the Platforms" some influencers from YouTube and TikTok are fighting each other in boxing matches. The headlining fight is between YouTube's Austin McBroom and TikTok's Bryce Hall, and both are set to make a decent amount of money from this bout.
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Austin McBroom Predicts Landslide Win Against Bryce Hall in YouTube Vs. TikTok Boxing Match

“Social Gloves” is just days away, but Austin McBroom is keeping the same energy with his opponent, Bryce Hall. The 29 year-old-famed YouTube star has remained confident leading up to his “YOUTUBERS VS. TIKTOKERS” bout against Bryce Hall. Back in May, McBroom and Hall got into a gloves-off scuffle during the fight’s press conference. The scene created a viral moment, where security and others present had to intervene. Although Bryce Hall was the aggressor in that instance, he didn’t expect to end up on the ground following his attack.