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11 Essential Ashley Johnson Performances

Acting as a career is an option for people of all ages, and Ashley Johnson has definitely shown that acting is something she not only loves to do but is something she is very proficient at doing as well! Starting from the young age of just six, she has amassed quite an impressive variety of credits, from shows to video games to even visual formats that are just now breaking the molds of what is possible with entertainment media! Here are the top 11 performances of Ashley Johnson.
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40 Under 40 2022: Ashley Johnson

Ashley Johnson works as site director for OT4Kids’ three locations — including the Winston-Salem location she helped open in August. We have 40 great reasons for you to register for this event! Join us as we honor these talented, young leaders!. Register now. Deadline: Monday, March 7, 2022.

Legend of Vox Machina: Matthew Mercer, Marisha Ray, & Ashley Johnson on Critical Role’s Journey

What was it like returning to the characters of Vox Machina? Critical Role stars Matthew Mercer (Sylas Briarwood), Marisha Ray (Keyleth), and Ashley Johnson (Pike Trickfoot) sit down with Dan Casey to discuss their new animated series, The Legend of Vox Machina, the difference between filming their first episode of Critical Role vs the last day recording for the animated series, and Mercer’s desire to voice all the NPC’s on today's episode of Nerdist Now! Watch the original adventures of Vox Machina in Critical Role’s Campaign 1:

Ashley Johnson

Ashley Johnson is named producer of the “Carolina with Greg T Morning Show” on iHeartMedia hot AC WKTU New York (103.5). Johnson, who succeeds Colleen Shea at KTU, transfers from a similar position with the “Dave and Jimmy” show at co-owned CHR WNCI Columbus, OH (97.9). “Ashley is one of...