Arturo O'farrill

Casita Maria Presents BronX BandA Featuring Arturo O'Farrill

BronX BandA is the latest collaboration between Casita Maria and Grammy award-winning artist Arturo O’Farrill. BronxNet will broadcast BronX BandA’s 9-piece jazz ensemble new compositions based on the oral histories of Bronxites. BronX BandA is a continuation of Casita Maria’s partnership with Arturo O’Farrill that began with the Bronx-based Latin jazz ensemble, BLITZ.
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Arturo O'Farrill: Virtual Birdland

Whenever an obstacle presents itself—even one as devastating and disruptive as a global pandemic—it's a sure bet that musicians will find a way around it, a way to keep making music even in the most grievous circumstances. Jazz musicians have been especially creative during the Covid-19 scourge, using social media, the internet and any other means at their disposal to share their music with the world. True, the paychecks aren't as large or as regular as once they were, but love and dedication can make up for a lot of shortcomings—the sort of love and dedication that produces recordings such as Virtual Birdland, wherein the members of pianist Arturo O’Farrill 's Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra were able to come together solely in spirit, assembling instead in groups of one in living rooms, bedrooms, and even closets to help make the dream of creating bright and pleasing music a reality.