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Art Rooney II Calls Preseason Important Part Of Schedule, Player Development

There were many things that were missed a year ago thanks to the pandemic. Perhaps some didn’t miss it, but the absence of a preseason for the NFL last year was certainly notable to some like myself, who value the role that it serves within the calendar. While the league has been trying to trim the preseason for years, Pittsburgh Steelers owner Art Rooney II remains its defender and welcomes its return.
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Art Rooney II Plans On Having Full Capacity At Heinz Field In 2021

Pittsburgh Steelers president Art Rooney II was interviewed by Bob Labriola of following the release of the team’s 2021 schedule on Wednesday and he was asked about having training camp at Saint Vincent College this summer after it was cancelled there last year first time since 1965 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Art Rooney II Says Maurkice Pouncey’s Special Talent Made Him Team’s 1st Round Pick

Maurkice Pouncey, Art Rooney II, Ray Mansfield, Mike Webster, University of Wisconsin–Whitewater, Alabama. Art Rooney II admitted it’s not often centers go in the first round. It takes a special talent to break into the top 32. But Maurkice Pouncey had that talent. And Rooney II knows he’ll be missed on the field and in the locker room.

Art Rooney II gives his thoughts on the NFL’s rule changes, and more

The Pittsburgh Steelers, along with all other NFL teams, are preparing for the 2021 NFL Draft in just under a week, but there was other NFL news which took place recently, and it had nothing to do with the upcoming draft. No, this news was based on the new rules...

Art Rooney II On NFL’s New 17-Game Schedule: ‘We Have Learned We Can Live Without Four Preseason Games’

Art Rooney II, National Football League, Pittsburgh Steelers, Roger Goodell, National Football Conference, Major League Baseball Players Association, National Football League Players Association, American football, sports season, American Football Conference. As expected, the NFL owners formally approved a new 17-game regular-season format at the virtual owners’ meetings on Tuesday and...

Art Rooney II: Steelers always expected to bring back Ben Roethlisberger

There was no shortage of uncertainty regarding Ben Roethlisberger’s future with the Pittsburgh Steelers after the team was humiliated by the Cleveland Browns at Heinz Field in the playoffs. Despite the conjecture that the Steelers could cut ties with the longtime franchise quarterback — for a handful of reasons — the team’s owner insists the plan was always to bring back Big Ben in 2021.
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Art Rooney II happy Steelers were able to retain JuJu Smith-Schuster

After exploring the open market, JuJu Smith-Schuster opted to remain in Pittsburgh, signing a one-year, $8 million deal. The Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs made pushes to sign the wide receiver, but he ultimately decided to remain loyal to the franchise that drafted him. That made team president Art Rooney II particularly happy.

Steelers president Art Rooney II talks 17-game schedule, why he wanted Big Ben back and team's RB future

Art Rooney II has seen just about everything during his time with the Pittsburgh Steelers. A ballboy for the team during the 1960s, Rooney, the godson of Steelers founder Art Rooney, had a front row seat to the Steelers' ascension from NFL doormat to league royalty during the 1970s. A former managing partner of a law firm, Rooney succeeded his father, Dan Rooney, as the Steelers president in 2003. Under his watch, the Steelers have added two more Vince Lombardi Trophies to their collection.
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Steelers owner Art Rooney II hints major schedule change will come to fruition

Could the NFL be headed towards a 17-game season? Steelers owner Art Rooney II thinks it’s likely. Roger Goodell and NFL owners have been hinting at such a change to the schedule for years now, and despite it not officially being on the docket just yet — as in the NFLPA hasn’t agreed to such a rule change — some owners feel quite confident that a deal will be struck heading into the 2021 season.

Art Rooney II: Bringing Ben Roethlisberger Back ‘Was Always Our Goal’

Pre-pandemic, it could have been reasonably conjectured that the salary cap this year would be approaching $210 million, give or take. The cap had been rising pretty consistently about $8-10 million per season for the better part of a decade before Covid-19, which caused the first year-to-year cap reduction on record.