Art Mathisen

Art Mathisen: Zeliff instrumental in founding hospital's golf tournament

Thank you for your story regarding the passing of Rep. William “Bill” Zeliff. Bill was a treasured member of our community and an ardent supporter of Memorial Hospital. More than 40 years ago, Bill was instrumental in founding the Memorial Hospital Open Golf Tournament. The annual event raised more than $300,000 in its first 12 years and continues to bring together golfers and businesses to raise funds for critical hospital projects.

Art Mathisen: Proud of COVID response

A quote in a recent Conway Daily Sun article questioned Memorial Hospital’s ability to “deal with COVID-19,” suggesting that our tools and staffing are not up to the challenge. Let me be clear: Not only is Memorial up to the challenge, our response to the pandemic has been recognized by many for being extraordinary, not just for a small rural hospital, but for any hospital.

Art Mathisen: An extraordinary year

CONWAY — Memorial Hospital uses a color code system to alert staff of events that require a specific and often extraordinary response. One code calls a response team to address a patient with cardiac arrest. Another code means there is a fire. Several other codes allow staff to know something outside of normal day-to-day operations is occurring.