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Linda Hamilton Admits She’s Loved Arnold Schwarzenegger For 35 Years

It’s not unusual to hear of actors falling in love after meeting on a movie set or on stage, and the reason is not far-fetched: wonderful scene chemistry often triggers an affection between stars — an affection that can be ephemeral. However, Linda Hamilton’s feelings for Arnold Schwarzenegger is in a different category, their friendship spanning nearly 40 years since they first met on the set of 1984’s The Terminator.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger shares poignant advice his dad gave him

Arnold Schwarzenegger has had quite the career. From becoming the world’s strongest man, to leading many great action movies, and later a successful politician, it feels like he’s done it all. For his 75th birthday, he put up a newsletter marking the occasion, with some advice his father gave him.

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Changing Bodybuilding’s “Terrible Reputation”: ‘Back in My Pumping Iron Days, That Was My Goal’

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a legend of bodybuilding who made a successful transition into Hollywood. In his latest newsletter, the 75-year-old movie star celebrated his birthday and reflected on his dream of bodybuilding and fitness becoming mainstream. “My dreams, really. They started out with things like “Win Mr. Universe” Schwarzenegger said....

Arnold Schwarzenegger Didn't Think The Terminator Had A Whole Lot Of Potential

It's hard to explain why James Cameron's "The Terminator" has found such a tender spot in pop culture history. Let's be honest: a sci-fi flick about a time-traveling robot killing machine isn't exactly a sure-fire recipe for widespread commercial success. Yet somehow, the metallic assassin found his niche: "The Terminator" was a box office smash back in 1984, earning over $78 million worldwide and numerous fans in the process (via The Numbers).

A Stunt On The Set Of The 6th Day Almost Did Arnold Schwarzenegger In

Action stars are cool and all, but the ones who love performing their own stunts are of a different breed, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is, in fact, of that breed. I suspect the man enjoyed the thrill of proving he could do everything his character could. He famously once pushed himself a little too far while filming 1985's "Commando," but that didn't scare him off from doing his own stunts in later productions.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Has No Regrets About His Batman & Robin Role

Of course, like so much cultural and artistic criticism, time heals some wounds. Seen in 2022, "Batman & Robin" is still garish and overblown, but it has its charms. One of those charms is the blissfully parodic performance of Arnold Schwarzenegger as Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze, the film's chief villain. Even if you hate the movie surrounding it, there's no denying that Schwarzenegger's performance is incredibly watchable, the actor relishing every cheesy pun he's asked to deliver. That sentiment is shared by Schwarzenegger himself, who still regards his work as Mr. Freeze as being worthy of mention in his long and impressive filmography.

A Half-Baked Script Wasn't Enough To Sell Arnold Schwarzenegger On The Rock

"The Rock," Michael Bay's gloriously over-the-top action hit from 1996, represents a transition stage for Nicolas Cage. Fresh off winning an Academy Award for "Leaving Las Vegas," Cage ventured into blockbuster territory in his follow-up project, then rode the success into nineties action movie stardom with "Con Air and "Face/Off" the following year. It turns out, however, that the already highly established action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger was initially offered Cage's part before turning it down based on the shoddy quality of its screenplay.