Archie Renaux

Archie Renaux | Ain’t Nothing to It but to Do It

Archie Renaux is making up for lost time in style, and he will soon return to the screen as Malyen Oretsev in the second season of the TV series, Shadow and Bone, based on the hit literary series. Though there is no set release date, the 23-year-old British actor, and former construction worker, made quite a mark in the first season, which features a fantastical world in which dark forces conspire against Alina Starkov, played by co-star Jessie Mei Li. When Alina unleashes a power that might change the fate of the war-torn world they live in, Malyen must rise to the challenge as a friend and hero. Shadow and Bone achieved a reported 1.2 billion viewing minutes on Netflix, and, during its second week on the platform, it was the number one most streamed show in the U.S.
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