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Naomi Campbell, David Bowie, and Rick Owens as Seen by Anton Corbijn

There’s something about Anton Corbijn’s portraiture that makes you stare. Maybe it’s the slow shutter speed, which allows the Dutch heavyweight to capture moments and gestures many other photographers would miss (hence the signature granular quality). Or maybe it’s because his modus operandi is to make people wonder, even when they’re looking at a familiar A-list face (which they almost always are). “People want to know too much,” he says. “I want people to discover it themselves, and not to give away all the stories about the photographs.” So while there’s an intimacy to Corbijn’s portraiture—often most pronounced when his subjects are clothed—don’t always believe what you see.
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An Illustrated History of Depeche Mode by Anton Corbijn

Last year, photographer Anton Corbijn released a new book, MOOD/MODE, showcasing work outside the boundaries of the rock photography world in which he’d made his name. But no matter whom he’s photographing, Corbijn brings a high seriousness to the endeavor that he explains as part of his religious upbringing in the book’s introduction. “My Protestant background always marked & influenced my portrait photography. Mankind. Humanity. Empathy,” he writes, were the ideals he absorbed as a child. Such beliefs “kept me from doing work that lacked a deeper purpose.”
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‘They had soul’: Anton Corbijn on 40 years shooting Depeche Mode

By his own cheerful admission, Anton Corbijn’s relationship with Depeche Mode did not get off to a flying start. It was 1981 and Corbijn was the NME’s new star photographer, having previously been lured to the UK from his native Netherlands by the sound of British post-punk, particularly Joy Division. His black and white portraits became iconic images of that band’s brief career, and Corbijn had gone on to take equally celebrated shots of everyone from Captain Beefheart to David Bowie.
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How to take striking and intoxicating photos, Anton Corbijn style

If you’ve listened to Depeche Mode, U2, or Joy Division, chances are that you’re also a fan of Anton Corbijn. Dutch photographer, film, and music video director is among the most popular music photographers of today. I personally am a big fan of his unique style, and if you are too, this video is perfect for you. Alex Kilbee of The Photographic Eye guides you through Anton Corbijn’s career highlights but also breaks down his photographic style to give you a better insight into what makes it so special.