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Book of a Lifetime: Lady with a Lapdog by Anton Chekhov

When I was about 30, I discovered Chekhov. A bit late in the day, admittedly, but I’d gone with a friend to see The Seagull and we were so blown away that we resolved to read everything he had ever written. We went on a kind of Chekhov binge, swapping books, recommending stories, even reading collections of his “amusing” (totally unamusing actually) pieces for papers and magazines that he wrote when he was young.
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The Seagull is an upcoming stylized 3D adaption of the classic by Anton Chekhov

YouTube videos require cookies, you must accept their cookies to view. View cookie preferences. Original adaptation of the classic play of the same name by Anton Chekhov. Entirely 3D with both cinematic and 3rd person realtime presentations, featuring stylized comic book-like characters. Eye-popping vaporwave-inspired color palette and visual effects. Fully...
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RUTH LEON RECOMMENDS… Anton Chekhov – Michael Pennington

“I don’t like the theatre, I can’t stand the actors.”. Guess who said that? Only one of the greatest playwrights ever to walk the earth. I’ve often thought it was a good thing Anton Chekhov takes the form of an evening spent in the company of the Russian writer towards the end of his life. In it he reminisces about his life, his times and work; he tells stories, speaks about the theatre and engages deeply and humorously with his English audience. Anton Chekhov was also a doctor so he knew he could always give it all up and go back to medicine if the actors annoyed him too much, although he did manage to marry one. He gave up writing plays after the failure of his first, The Seagull, and was tempted back by meeting the director Konstantin Stanislavsky, who promptly directed it in a better production at his Moscow Art Theatre. If he hadn’t, neither that play nor any of the subsequent masterpieces – The Cherry Orchard, Three Sisters, Uncle Vanya, etc – might ever have been written.

The Lonely Voice: 'The Betrothed' By Anton Chekhov

It’s easy to feel daunted by the idea of talking about Anton Chekhov’s work because we admire him so much or because so much has already been said by scholars and writers. Chekhov is often credited with having profoundly influenced the evolution of the modern short story. So what is...