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Hawks Land Anthony Davis In Blockbuster Trade Scenario

Change can be a scary thing. The unknown is a dark place, and it’s not for everyone. At the same time, sometimes we need to venture into it. NBA teams are no different. After all, if our current conditions are challenging enough, we can reach a point where we know that virtually anything new would be improved.
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Lakers to run offense through Anthony Davis, not LeBron James?

New Los Angeles Lakers head coach Darvin Ham is expected to switch from having the team’s offense run through Lebron James in 2022-2023, and it seems “King James” is A-OK with the move. There is no doubt the Lakers needed to make some major changes after finishing...
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Lakers plan to run offense through Anthony Davis, and LeBron James is on board, per report

LeBron James is among the most ball-dominant players in the NBA, but that doesn't mean he always wants to be. When he played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, he eagerly spoke of eventually handing the reins to Kyrie Irving. In Los Angeles, he so badly wanted another ball-handler on his team that he advocated for the disastrous Russell Westbrook trade. James is a point guard in a forward's body, but at age-37, he's eventually going to have to lighten his offensive load.

NBA Insider Says Darvin Ham Will Run Lakers Offense Through Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis is one of the best big men in the game when he is healthy. He is versatile on both ends of the floor, capable of scoring from a variety of areas on offense while being an elite rim protector and multi-positional defender. Even though he had a down season with the Los Angeles Lakers, Anthony Davis still managed to average 23.2 PPG, 9.9 RPG, and 3.1 APG.

Lakers to run offense through Anthony Davis instead of LeBron James next season

Los Angeles Lakers are planning to run head coach Darvin Ham’s offense through Anthony Davis instead of LeBron James next season, according to a report from Chris Haynes. When Darvin Ham spoke to LeBron James about the scheme to run the team’s offensive possessions through big man Anthony Davis, James agreed according to the report.

Report: Darvin Ham And LeBron James Agree The Lakers’ Offense Should Run Through Anthony Davis

The 2021-22 season was a disaster for the Los Angeles Lakers in virtually every way. Despite the presence of LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the Lakers floundered to a 33-49 record and posted the No. 22 offense in the NBA on a per-possession basis. Some of that downturn can be attributed to James and Davis missing almost 70 games combined but, even when the stars were on the floor together, things did not click in Los Angeles. With a new head coach in place in Darvin Ham, changes are on the horizon and, on Tuesday, Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports shed light on a recent meeting between the powers that be in Los Angeles.

Victor Wembanyama could be ultimate prize of the Anthony Davis trade

The New Orleans Pelicans are getting Zion Williamson back next season and hope to contend for a spot in the Western Conference playoffs. But that doesn’t mean they won’t end up in the lottery as they did this season when they made the playoffs but still got the 8th pick from the Lakers.

New rumor suggest Lakers could trade Anthony Davis

Some reports have come out over the past few weeks that the Los Angeles Lakers could decide to trade Anthony Davis. From their perspective, it could make sense due to some of the injuries that he’s dealt with the past few seasons. When Anthony Davis is healthy and on...

The Blockbuster Mega Trade Idea Of The Summer: Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving For Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook, Talen Horton-Tucker, 2027 First-Round Pick, And 2029 First-Round Pick

This summer has been that has featured a lot of trade rumors. Much speculation has been regarding the futures of Brooklyn Nets stars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Ever since Kevin Durant requested a trade from the Nets, there has been no shortage of reports linking both stars to one franchise or another.

Lakers potentially open to trading Anthony Davis if this happens

The Los Angeles Lakers have a lot to figure out before the 2022-23 season begins. If the front office does not change the current outlook of the roster then the team is going to suffer the same fate that it did last season. If that happens then the Lakers might...
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NBA Star Anthony Davis Headlines This Celtics-Lakers Trade

Some NBA rivalries are fleeting. On the other hand, some are sacred. No amount of time could pass that would heal the wounds some franchises have inflicted on each other. Such is the rivalry between the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics. In fact, it’s the greatest rivalry in the history of the NBA – if not American sports in general.
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This Bold Trade Sends Lakers’ Anthony Davis To Bulls

Ask yourself this question: if you were an NBA superstar, would you want to play in front of your hometown crowd?. The instinctual answer may be yes for most. It’s easy to envision yourself performing in front of family and friends. Furthermore, even the strangers in the audience will love you a little more as a hometown hero.