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Danny Trejo Tells A Story About Anthony Bourdain - Exclusive

We may receive a commission on purchases made from links. Danny Trejo and Anthony Bourdain weren't best friends, but the fact that Bourdain appreciated Trejo's food now verges on mythic lore. Yes, we're talking about Trejo's Tacos. The "Machete" actor opened the restaurant in honor of his mother — and also because film producer Ash Shah noticed Trejo was an unsung foodie while the two worked together on the set of "Bad Ass." (At least, that's how Trejo tells it in his cookbook.) Trejo and Shah were on to something.
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Why Remembering Anthony Bourdain Is So Emotional For Andrew Zimmern

Anthony Bourdain's death shocked the world four years ago and left his family, friends, colleagues, and legions of fans reeling. And while many false facts have surfaced about his death, the truth according to those who knew him was that he was, by many accounts, charming, charismatic, generous, and funny. He was larger than life and yet managed to be down to earth at the same time. Per Times of India, Laurie Woolever, his assistant of 10 years, says that people loved Bourdain because he came up through the ranks in restaurant kitchens before becoming a high-profile chef, best-selling author, and beloved TV/media star. That made him "relatable to the everyman in a way that many of his TV colleagues were not,” Woolever stated.
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The 8 Places Anthony Bourdain Visited in Maine on Travel Channel’s ‘No Reservations’

There are few people in the world who get to be truly great at more than one thing. Anthony Bourdain was one of those people. For more than 20 years, Bourdain perfected his craft as a classically-trained chef, running various kitchens in New York City to acclaim. During his impressive cooking career, Bourdain was always dabbling with writing on the side. His persistence in honing his writing led to a published book in 1995 titled 'Bone In The Throat'. His culinary expertise and writing acumen eventually led to more media appearances. Those media appearances led to Bourdain securing his own show on Travel Channel that was titled after one of his books, 'No Reservations'. The show quickly became a hit.

The Real Reason Anthony Bourdain Never Visited These Places

Anthony Bourdain is arguably one of the most well-traveled people to walk the Earth. He first charmed restaurant workers and foodies alike in 2000 with the release of his book "Kitchen Confidential." Bourdain is best known for his prolific TV career, with travel/food shows like "Parts Unknown" and "No Reservations" transporting viewers to corners of the world that they didn't even know existed. He had an uncanny ability to make the world feel smaller by digging deep into what makes the food and culture of a specific place special and helping viewers understand other people better.

How an Anthony Bourdain quote changed Kevin Love's life

A lot of people had felt pity for Kevin Love when his former co-stars LeBron James and Kyrie Irving left him to become the lone star of the Cleveland Cavaliers, the team that won the 2016 NBA title. Love spent the entire 2018-19 season without his All-Star teammates, and even worse, he was limited to just 22 games due to injuries.

200-year-old bar was home to ‘Goodfellas’ and Anthony Bourdain

Welcome to Neir’s Tavern, the most famous NYC bar you’ve never heard of. The unassuming Queens watering hole dates back to 1829 and was featured in an iconic “Goodfellas” scene starring Robert De Niro. “Nothing has changed [since 1990]. They could literally do ‘Goodfellas: Part 2’ here,” owner and retired FDNY firefighter Loycent Gordon told The Post. The historic pub also got the “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” treatment in 2017, a year before the chef’s untimely death. It’s no wonder that Neir’s is the subject of the premiere episode of “Best Kept Secret Bars of NYC: Sticky Floors of the Big Apple” hosted by comedian Mike Cannon. “It really is a destination,” Gordon told Cannon. “You gotta really want to be here.”

Greg Fulton: Anthony Bourdain, another casualty of depression

With CNN airing its new “Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain” this month, the public’s fascination with the late chef, writer and travel storyteller, who died in 2018, continues. Part of the interest may be due to Bourdain committing suicide and the difficulty for many to understand why someone at the top of his game, and beloved by many, would choose to take his own life. His suicide again reminds us that success, wealth and fame don’t make one immune to the effects of depression.

What Andrew Zimmern Remembers Most About Anthony Bourdain

Almost four years have passed since his passing, and Anthony Bourdain still casts a shadow. On April 10, chef Andrew Zimmern engaged in an AMA on Twitter and two questions were directed toward his relationship with Bourdain. "Best memory of Bourdain?" asked @SPTolson, to which Zimmern responded, "Seeing him so...

The most-viewed episodes of 'Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown'

(CNN) — The legacy of the late Anthony Bourdain is a long and complicated one. The new CNN Film "Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain" attempts to contend with that legacy and reopen the conversation about how Bourdain is remembered. It may inspire you to do some remembering as well by revisiting Bourdain's extensive television catalog.

Onetime Anthony Bourdain spot Les Halles reopens as La Brasserie

When the late Anthony Bourdain blew the lid off the restaurant industry in his book Kitchen Confidential, he was working as Brasserie Les Halles’ executive chef — where he’d been since 1998. Now that space — closed since 2016 – has reopened as La Brasserie. Francis Staub, who operates a cast iron cookware company under his own name, signed a 15-year lease for the 173-seat restaurant.  The eatery closed in 2016 and Bourdain, who tragically committed suicide in 2018, had been long gone from behind the stove. Still, so strongly associated with the restaurant was Bourdain that when he died, grieving New...