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Grattan on Friday: Anthony Albanese has a lot on the go in the 'back office' of government

Anthony Albanese will be on the international road again next week. He’ll be at the NATO summit in Madrid, where the war in Ukraine will obviously dominate the discussions, which will also canvass China and climate change. Albanese, who earlier attended the QUAD in Tokyo and visited Indonesia, isn’t going to be a minimalist when it comes to spending time overseas. International conferences give an opportunity for the new PM to meet multiple leaders, gather information and signal continuities and change (for example on climate policy) in Australia’s national priorities. A just-elected prime minister must be careful in...

Billy Bragg Congratulates Australia’s New Leader Anthony Albanese: ‘He Has a Socialism of the Heart’

Click here to read the full article. Billy Bragg has welcomed Australia’s new leader Anthony Albanese as “the right person for the job”. The legendary British singer, songwriter and activist, and Albo, as he’s affectionately known, have a lot in common. The pair met at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre in the late 1990s and immediate hit it off with a “shared love of music and a commitment to the politics of compassion,” Bragg writes in a social media post. Only now, Albanese is the prime minister-elect of Australia.  The respect is mutual. During his first official press conference as PM, Albanese quoted Bragg’s “To Have...

Australia election: Anthony Albanese secures outright majority, final results show

Australia’s Anthony Albanese has secured an outright majority in parliament, leading the way for the new prime minister to govern alone.Mr Albanese became the 31st prime minister of Australia after his centre-left Labor Party defeated the conservative coalition led by prime minister Scott Morrison in the 21 May election.The 59-year-old’s party has secured at least 77 of the 151 House seats with 80 per cent of the votes counted, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.It is the minimum number of seats required to form a majority government. It was a tight race for Mr Albanese as two seats remained...

Australia election: PM Anthony Albanese secures majority government

Australia's new Labor government has secured a majority in parliament, election analysts say. The centre-left party, led by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, defeated Scott Morrison's conservative coalition in an election on 21 May. A record vote for independents and minor parties had made it uncertain whether Mr Albanese would govern...

Stellar first week for Anthony Albanese but tough months ahead

Anthony Albanese had expected the election might be a week earlier than it was, because last Saturday would bump up against Tuesday’s Quad meeting in Tokyo. But Scott Morrison wanted maximum time to try to wear down his opponent. Then, when it emerged publicly that Albanese was making arrangements with officials to attend the Quad if he won, Morrison accused him of being presumptuous. The preparations were prudent and proper, not presumptuous. The new prime minister’s Quad trip has been an obvious success, with leaders – especially US President Joe Biden – impressed he was there at all, so...

Anthony Albanese: Australia's new PM sworn in ahead of Quad meeting

Anthony Albanese has been sworn in as Australia's new leader and will fly immediately to an international summit. Mr Albanese's Labor Party defeated Scott Morrison's conservative government in an election on Saturday. It remains unclear whether Mr Albanese will form a majority or govern with the support of crossbenchers. The...

Anthony Albanese ousts Scott Morrison in Australian election

The Australian Labor party notched its first electoral win since 2007 on Saturday after conservative Prime Minister Scott Morrison conceded defeat to opposition leader Anthony Albanese, The Associated Press reports. Though millions of votes have yet to be counted, Morrison acted quickly so an Australian prime minister could attend a...

Australia swears in new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese while votes are still being counted

Australian voters elected to change governments in national elections on Saturday, replacing the center-right Liberal Party with the center-left Labor Party after nine years, and they got their new government less than 48 hours later. Governor-General David Hurley swore in Labor leader Anthony Albanese as Australia's 31st prime minister on Monday, while votes are still being counted to determine if Albanese's party will have a majority in Parliament or need to cobble together a coalition government. Hurley also swore in four members of Albanese's Cabinet: Foreign Minister Penny Wong, Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles, and economy ministers Katy Gallagher and Jim...

Australia election: PM-elect Anthony Albanese vows to end ‘climate wars’

Australia’s new leader Anthony Albanese has promised to make a big shift in energy policy and “end climate wars”.Mr Albanese’s Labor Party ended almost a decade of conservative government after the country’s ruling coalition was swept away by a wave of support for candidates campaigning for more climate action.He will be sworn in as prime minister on Monday, days after his party clinched its first electoral win since 2007. However, it is not yet clear if his party will have a majority in parliament or if it would have to enter a coalition to form government.“We have an opportunity...

Australia election: Anthony Albanese signals climate policy change

Australia's new leader has vowed to take the country in a new direction, with a big shift in climate policy. Anthony Albanese, who won Saturday's election with the opposition centre-left Labor Party, said Australia could become a renewable energy superpower. He is to be sworn in as PM on Monday,...
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Anthony Albanese sworn in as Australia’s 31st PM

Canberra, May 23 (SocialNews.XYZ) Anthony Albanese, leader of Australia's Labor Party, was sworn in on Monday as the country's 31st Prime Minister following his victory in the May 21 federal election.