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Destin, Florida in the Offseason, Discounts, Beaches, Restaurants, Candy and More

We're off our couch wrapping up our off-season trip to Destin, Florida in this video. We're starting at Destin Army Recreation Area, taking advantage of heavily discounted off-season winter rates. Then we're off to one of our favorite spots in Destin, Fudpucker's! At Fudpucker's you can feed alligators, view the reptile exhibit, write on the walls, visit their large, unique, and fun gift shop, and enjoy a fantastic meal. Next, we visit Norriego Point Beach Park and discuss our visit to Harborwalk Village and the exciting dolphin sunset cruise on the Seablaster, and more! Follow us on Instagram- <a href=""></a>/ Like us on Facebook too- <a href=""></a>/ Looking for royalty-free music check out Epidemic Sound use our link to get 30 days free! <a href=""></a> Gather Round - Fox Morrow Quarter Past Eleven - Victor Lundberg See A Brighter Day - Gloria Tells Babygirl - El Neon Funky Jam - Gloria Tells

Man Jumps to His Death in Spanish Cliff Dive Gone Wrong, Family Watches

A tragic end to what was supposed to be an exciting stunt -- after a father miscalculated his cliff jump -- leading to his death as his family watched in horror. The video is tough to watch, you see the man take a leap from the 100-foot cliff in Spain. Clearly, he knows something is wrong quickly, letting out a scream before clipping the jagged rock and hitting the water ... you hear the woman recording yell, "Oh my God!"

Voices: This government’s only response to the rising cost of living is to cut more jobs

This week the government did nothing in the Queen’s Speech to help with the cost of living crisis. Let me get one thing out of the way first, no one in my constituency calls it the “cost of living crisis” – they talk about the cost of their shopping, their gas and electric bills and the general rising costs of living their lives, like travelling to hospital appointments, getting their kids uniforms and the like. We must be careful that we don’t just get used to this terminology – “the cost of living crisis” – like a Whitehall talking point;...

Total Lunar Blood Moon Eclipse May 15-16, 2022

The full moon of May 2022 occurs on the 15th and 16th of this month. During a lunar eclipse, the color of the moon changes from white or yellow to a rusty orange hue. This has given it the nickname “Blood Moon”. May 15, 2022, will be the next total eclipse. This late Sunday evening event will last into the early morning Monday hours of May 16th.

Identifying Opportunities In Turbulent Times: 9 Picks

The U.S. stock market is still overvalued despite the recent decline, but we could see one final bullish wave in the coming months and quarters. Without any doubt, we are living in interesting times, and it appears the financial markets are at a crossroad again with the bulls and bears fighting hard right now. After investors being extremely bullish in the past and expecting assets going to the moon, these voices fell silent (at least according to my Twitter timeline). And suddenly we have loud bearish voices and sentiment being extremely negative – exemplified by the CNN Fear and Greed Index.

I'm Mehmet Oz and here's why I want Pennsylvania's vote

On Tuesday, Pennsylvanians will make a choice that will impact themselves, our country, and our future by deciding the likelihood of a Republican Senate majority next year. The responsibility is a solemn one, and distinct differences set me apart from my opponents as the current front-runner. The reason I am...

NY Times' Bret Stephens makes the 'conservative' argument for keeping Roe v. Wade

New York Times "conservative" columnist Bret Stephens claimed in an opinion piece on Tuesday that overturning Roe v. Wade should not be a conservative position. After Politico leaked a Supreme Court draft opinion that suggested an overturning of the landmark abortion case, several media pundits and Democrats denounced it. In Stephens’ piece "Overturning Roe Is a Radical, Not Conservative, Choice," the former Wall Street Journal columnist wrote that the right should do the same.

Patients, Doctors, Insurers Agree: Prior Approvals for Treatment Should Come Faster

Andrew Bade, who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes nearly two decades ago, is accustomed to all the medical gear he needs to keep his blood sugar under control. His insulin pump contains a disposable insulin cartridge, and a plastic tubing system with an adhesive patch keeps in place the cannula that delivers insulin under his skin. He wears a continuous glucose monitor on his arm.