Annie Golden


That Actor Whose Name You Don’t Know: Annie Golden

One has to wonder what it feels like to be in the public eye and still not have people recognize you by name. Some might say it could be a little embarrassing, but others might state that at least the actors are there and can state that they’ve been successful for a while. That’s definitely a better take on it since lamenting the idea that a lot of people don’t know your name would be kind of ridiculous for a lot of people such as Annie Golden, who’s been a part of the entertainment industry for quite a while now. A lot of people are going to recognize her as Norma from Orange Is The New Black, but she’s had a much bigger carer than this one role since she’s been a part of the music industry in the past and she’s been a stage actor as well. One has to wonder just how a person can go from being known to almost forgotten save by appearance when it comes to show business, especially since she doesn’t have a hard name to remember or one that might be a tongue twister like several others. But for one reason or another, a lot of actors have slipped past a lot of people when it comes to identifying them by name, though the reason why is usually kind of hard to guess considering that they’ve usually done enough to be remembered by a lot of people.
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