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SYMHC Classics: Anne Lister

This 2018 episode covers Anne Lister, who was looking for a wife at a time when many women sought husbands to ensure financial stability. She was also writing thousands of pages of diaries, including sections written in code about her relationships.
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'Gentleman Jack' Season 2 Review: Anne Lister Is Back and Better Than Ever

From the very first beat of Gentleman Jack Season 2, it's plain to see that Anne Lister (Suranne Jones) is intent on making an entrance. In the midst of her decisive strides across a dirt road, cane in hand and top hat perched jauntily on her head, she turns to address the camera directly (in what will come to be the first of several fourth-wall breaks that the show cheekily likes to employ) and greets us as one would the return of an old friend: "Ah, there you are. Good." And with that, it's as if we were never parted from her in the first place. Even while the series (which initially premiered back in 2019) had a long road to the production of its second season, with a delay resulting from the ongoing pandemic, there's something infinitely comforting about being able to literally pick up right where we left off with the ongoing adventures of Anne Lister from creator Sally Wainwright — and this is still Anne Lister, all right, in all her outwardly assured and inwardly vulnerable glory.
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Gentleman Jack season 2 episode 3: Anne Lister, Ann Walker’s goal

After tonight’s new episode, are you curious to learn a little more about Gentleman Jack season 2 episode 3? Next week is going to show Anne Lister working harder than ever to achieve some of her goals, and of course she’ll have at least a little bit of help to make that happen.

'Gentleman Jack' Season 2 Trailer Reveals New Drama for Anne Lister

HBO has just released a new trailer for the second season of their period drama series Gentleman Jack, which is set to premiere later this month. The new trailer gives us a look at the drama, scheming, and romance ahead for Anne Lister (Suranne Jones), the famous diarist who lived in Yorkshire during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. Often dubbed the first modern lesbian, the series explores Lister's life based on her own diaries and life events.

Gentleman Jack: The Ladies of Llangollen who intrigued Anne Lister

The fascinating life of Anne Lister, the 18th Century industrialist and lesbian, is familiar to many following the BBC series Gentleman Jack. Fewer people know of the trailblazing same-sex couple living together in north Wales, who she visited after deciding she wanted to marry a woman. Now the Ladies of...

GENTLEMAN JACK: Season 2 TV Show Trailer: Suranne Jones returns as Anne Lister [HBO, BBC]

HBO and BBC‘s Gentleman Jack: Season 2 TV show trailer has been released. The Gentleman Jack: Season 2 trailer stars Suranne Jones, Gemma Whelan, Timothy West, Lydia Leonard, Jodhi May, Katherine Kelly, Derek Riddell, Stephanie Cole, Peter Davison, Amelia Bullmore, Vincent Franklin, Shaun Dooley, Rosie Cavaliero, Joe Armstrong, Anthony Flanagan, and George Costigan.

Teaser Watch: Anne Lister and Ann Walker Embark on Married Life in “Gentleman Jack” Season 2

When we last saw Anne Lister (Suranne Jones) and Ann Walker (Sophie Rundle) — at the end of “Gentleman Jack’s” first season, nearly three years ago — they had just taken the sacrament as wife and wife. In the teaser for the new season, the couple are settling into their life together at Shibden Hall, while navigating unpleasant rumors, family drama, and new business opportunities.

'Gentleman Jack' Season 2 Trailer Reveals Anne Lister's Return

HBO and the BBC have just released a new teaser trailer for Gentleman Jack, the period drama based on the real-life story of late-Regency era English heiress Anne Lister, giving us a glimpse into the series' upcoming second season. The second season will debut this April. The core of Gentleman...

Gentleman Jack Season 2 Trailer: Anne Lister Makes Her Long-Awaited Return In April

While it's been nearly three years since season 1 (which began in 1832) debuted in the spring of 2019, "Gentleman Jack" season 2 will pick up two years after its predecessor in 1834. That's not to say things have changed much since the last time we checked in on Anne and Ann. As seen in the trailer, Anne's family remains as befuddled-yet-supportive of her ambitions as ever, all while Ann's meddling relatives continue to, well, meddle in her affairs, particularly now that she's openly residing with the Listers at Shibden Hall.

Anne Lister: Halifax home of 'Gentleman Jack' celebrates 600 years

The 600th anniversary of the home of Anne Lister - also known as Gentleman Jack - is being celebrated in Halifax with a special exhibition. Landowner Ms Lister lived at Shibden Hall until her death in 1840. She left behind a series of intimate diaries detailing her love affairs with women.

Anne Lister: 'Gentleman Jack' sculpture unveiled in Halifax

A sculpture of the "first modern lesbian", Anne Lister - also known as Gentleman Jack - has been unveiled at a landmark in her home town of Halifax. Actress Suranne Jones, who played Ms Lister in the television series of the same name, unveiled the artwork with series creator Sally Wainwright.

Statue of Anne Lister, TV’s Gentleman Jack, unveiled in Halifax

A bronze statue of the 19th-century diarist Anne Lister, known as Gentleman Jack, has been installed in Halifax, the West Yorkshire town where she lived. The artwork was unveiled on Sunday by Suranne Jones, who starred as Lister in the recent BBC One drama Gentleman Jack, and Sally Wainwright, the award-winning creator of the show.

Suranne Jones unveils statue of Gentleman Jack protagonist Anne Lister

Actress Suranne Jones has been pictured unveiling of a statue of Anne Lister, a diarist regarded as the first modern lesbian, who she plays in Gentleman Jack. The Vigil star revealed the new sculpture – called Contemplation – in Halifax, West Yorkshire, where the 19th-century writer was from. The life-size...