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Anne Hathaway Doesn't Want People Calling Her Anne

Anne Hathaway says she hates being called Anne. The actor recently revealed she isn't too fond of her name, and that it makes her think of being told off by her mother. Something I think we can all sympathise with. Speaking to on The Tonight Show earlier this year, the...

Be My Cat’s new DVD feat. Anne Hathaway

Cult distributor TetroVideo has released Be My Cat: A Film for Anne on DVD in a new limited edition featuring artist Shin Nagai’s gory rendition of Anne Hathaway on the cover. Adrian Țofei’s 2015 horror movie about a filmmaker obsessed with actress Anne Hathaway attracted a cult following, was named...
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Solos review – a dystopian dud even Anne Hathaway can’t rescue

The golden age of expensive, empty sci-fi anthology continues with Solos on Amazon Prime. Following their inert series Soulmates, set in a world where DNA testing made dating foolproof, the streamer now brings full dystopia a step closer with a collection of tech-themed stories with an eerie, metallic sheen. Each features an innovation that’s failed to make anyone happy, but the big idea yoking the episodes together is that they’re limited to a single performer in a single location. Behold, the Black Mirror monologues!

Amazon’s ‘Solos,’ Starring Morgan Freeman, Anne Hathaway, Anthony Mackie and More, Has More Stars Than Resonance: TV Review

A compelling monologue — as in a monologue that compels you to truly listen without interruption or distraction — is one of the trickiest high-wire writing acts there is. Giving a monologue shape and depth requires skill and a fine-tuned ear for the way a character talks and thinks. Making sure it has its own arc of a beginning, middle and end is crucial, and much harder to pull off than it seems. And there are real reasons why monologues that extend beyond a page or two tend to belong more to the stage than the screen. Monologues are inherently melodramatic to.
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Anne Hathaway Delivers Parisian Chic to CR Fashion Book China's Second Issue

Forever a CR muse, Anne Hathaway was a must-have on the latest cover of our China edition. Through a beautiful combination of her trademark classy elegance and CR's editorial vision, Hathaway is the epitome of glamour in vintage-inspired fashion. Timeless hairstyles and silhouette photography are backdropped by an art rendering of Paris. Prepare to be transported back in time and across the world for CR Fashion Book China's second Issue...