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How to Prepare Sustainable and Economical Meals, According to Beloved Vegetarian Cook Anna Jones

As the working mom of a young child, vegetarian cook and author Anna Jones needs the meals she puts on her family's table to be easy yet flavorful, but she also wants them to be good for the planet. "We make 35,000 decisions a day; that's a lot of potential for making a change," says Jones. "What we need, of course, is a systematic change in our food system led by our governments; but each small choice we make matters and it is up to us to make different choices as well as demanding action from those who hold the power and purse strings."

Obituary of Anna Jones

Anna Meredith Jones, age 97, a resident of Ft. Scott, Kansas, passed away early Friday, August 27, 2021, at the Medicalodge in Ft. Scott. She was born March 10, 1924, in Garland, Kansas, the daughter of Archie White Dickerson and Ora Ethel Edgell Dickerson. She married Robert L. Jones on August 3, 1940, in Nevada, Missouri. She and Bob moved to their home in Marmaton in 1960.

Anna Jones, M.D. Joins Buena Vista Health Center

Board-certified family medicine physician Anna Jones, M.D., has joined the Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center medical staff at the Buena Vista Health Center (BVHC) as of July 30. Jones will work part-time, seeing patients both by appointment and at the BVHC Walk-In Clinic, where patients are seen on...
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Dr. Anna Jones joins HRRMC

Board-certified family medicine physician Dr. Anna Jones joined Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center medical staff at the Buena Vista Health Center July 30. Jones will work part-time, seeing patients both by appointment and at the BVHC Walk-In Clinic, where patients are seen on a first-come, first-served basis. “We...

Food writer and chef Anna Jones on sustainability, vegetarian cooking and post-pandemic kitchen skills

Most people who love a plant-based diet will be familiar with Anna Jones; a London based cook, writer and stylist whose ethos is to eat food that puts healthy ingredients at the heart of every recipe. She's much loved for putting a modern twist on vegetarian and vegan cuisine, making vegetables the star of the show with bold flavour combinations. She's also revered for her commitment to educating her readers on how to become more environmentally conscious when it comes to home cooking.
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Anna Jones named new Lincoln Elementary School principal

LINCOLN — Lincoln Elementary School has a new principal in Anna Jones. Jones, who has been serving as the school’s assistant principal for four years, will take the reins as Principal Jay Hooks moves to Childersburg to become principal at Childersburg Middle School. While the move is something of a homecoming for Hooks, who previously served as principal at Childersburg High School, Jones’ promotion is another step in an extended homecoming.

Anna Jones swears by chocolate milk on a hangover

For reliable, tasty, vibrantly green vegetarian food with a conscience, Anna Jones is your gal. The columnist and food writer knows how to take a simple ingredient and seriously amp it up, which she does with elegant panache in her latest cookbook, One: Pot, Pan, Planet. The recipe collection factors...
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Cardamom and carrot cakes with maple icing by Anna Jones

I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like these. These are a crowdpleaser, loved by old, young, boys, girls, junk-food lovers and health freaks alike. This is as close to a cupcake as I get – super-buttery, sugary cupcakes don’t really do it for me. I like something with character and depth. These are what I make if I am taking cakes to a party or to a friend’s for tea. They work well at any time of day, stay super-moist and are packed with goodness.
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Anna Jones: A woman of achievement

Anna Jones was recognized by Durham Magazine’s “Women of Achievement,” May issue, for her work producing the award-winning 2015 documentary film, “Chairman Jones — An Improbable Leader.”. The story chronicles her father, Northampton native James Henry Jones’ story of leadership during the 1969 school desegregation crisis in Northampton County and...
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‘We’ve had to become more flexible cooks’: one-pot dishes by Anna Jones

When Anna Jones looks back at her first three cookbooks, starting with 2014’s A Modern Way to Eat, she wonders if she might have been too “gentle”. She was a cook, after all, not a campaigner or a climate scientist. On a video call from her home in east London, Jones smiles: “At the beginning I’d not even mention they were vegetarian, and hope people would get halfway through, then realise and be like: ‘Oh, it’s actually a nice vegetarian cookbook!’