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Westworld's Angela Sarafyan Didn't Know Which Role She Was Auditioning For Until After She Got It

Does anyone really know what's happening on "Westworld" at this point? Three seasons in, and it's hard to tell if even showrunners Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan have any idea what their TV series is about anymore. That's not a complaint, either. It's actually kind of perfect that a sci-fi show about the blurred lines between humans and sentient robots, fantasies and reality, and free will and subjugation should take such great pleasure in messing with its audience. Would that all aesthetically-pleasing sci-fi series were as willing to endlessly gaze at their own navels and indulge in existential babble as "Westworld" so often has.
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Peter Facinelli, Angela Sarafyan, Idara Victor, Tanaya Beatty, Grant Roberts Join ‘Yesteryear’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Click here to read the full article. Peter Facinelli, Angela Sarafyan, Idara Victor, Tanaya Beatty and Grant Roberts have joined the cast of Adam VillaSeñor’s “Yesteryear.” They round out an ensemble that also includes the previously announced Q’orianka Kicher, Wes Studi and Nick Cassavetes. The film follows Alma Deswood, a young Indigineous woman (Kilcher) who psychologically unravels in quarantine. With the world feeling as though it’s caving in around her, Alma fights for her mental and physical health amidst COVID-19, the Black Lives Matter movement and other life-altering events. Facinelli will play Reid, Alma’s smooth talking boss with whom she had a...

King Knight | Angela Sarafyan Interview [Exclusive]

Oh, what fun to be a witch. Or at least the good witches with Angela Sarafyan in King Knight. The comedy is led by Matthew Gray Gubler and Angela Sarafyan as a couple who leads an eccentric witch coven. One day, a discovery is made about their revered high priest and the coven expelled him to search his soul. With his departure, the coven enters into its own turmoil and seeks forgiveness. And their former leader leads himself into a trippy, hilarious journey of redemption.
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‘Westworld’ Actress Angela Sarafyan Talks New Movie ‘King Knight’

Moviefone speaks exclusively with actress Angela Sarafyan about her new film ‘King Knight,’ which also stars Matthew Gray Gubler, as well as her experience working on ‘Westworld.’. Opening in select theaters, on digital, and On Demand February 17th is the new dark-comedy ‘King Knight,’ which was written...

Jack Huston and Angela Sarafyan to Star in Biblical Fantasy

“Hail Mary,” a modern-day biblical fantasy that upends the mythology of Mary and Joseph, is in the works. “House of Gucci” actor Jack Huston and Angela Sarafyan of “Westworld” will star in the movie, which is currently in production in Mexico City. Additional cast members include newcomers Natalia del Riego and Benny Emmanuel.