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Angel Garza Asks Fans For Help After Losing His Wallet

Angel Garza has turned to the fans for help after losing his wallet at an Orlando, FL airport. On social media, Angel pleaded for help, and said it could be near gate 44 or on Flight 2117. Garza is the latest wrestler to lose stuff, after Rhea Ripley recently lost...
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Angel Garza criticizes wrestling fans

Angel Garza started at NXT, where he also won the Cruiserweight title, to then arrive on the main roster being joined by Andrade and Zelina Vega during the period of the pandemic, when WWE broadcast the shows from the Performance Center. However, he recently joined his real-life cousin Humberto Carillo...

Angel Garza Believes Wrestlers Have To “Change Everything” When Joining WWE

WWE Superstar Angel Garza recently spoke with Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman at WWE’s WrestleMania 38 media row about the need to adapt and change in WWE. Garza insists that wrestlers have got to be flexible in regards to everything about themselves when joining the company. “I think...

Angel Garza: When you come to WWE you’ve got to change everything

WWE Superstar Angel Garza spoke to a Wrestlinginc reporter about how much effort and sacrifice WWE brings. There are many things to change and learn. “I think WWE is a different world,” he claimed for wrestlinginc “When you come to WWE, you’ve got to change your style, you’ve got to change everything.

Angel Garza Believes We Are Living In The “Criticism Era”

WWE Superstars Los Lotharios recently spoke with Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman at WWE’s WrestleMania 38 media row about how fans react now. Angel Garza spoke passionately about his thoughts on the WWE Universe. He believes we are living in the, “criticism era,” with people not being happy regardless of what happens.

Angel Garza Says Fans Will Complain ‘No Matter What We Do’

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Angel Garza said that wrestling fans are not going to be happy no matter what happens and said we are now in the ‘criticism era’. The interview was conducted prior to Wrestlemania weekend. Here are highlights:. Angel Garza on living in the...

Angel Garza On Fans That Complain, Believes We Are Living In “The Criticism Era”

While speaking with Nick Hausman of during WWE Wrestlemania 38 weekend, Angel Garza talked about fan criticism:. “I am going to bring this to the table. No matter what we do, they are always going to complain. No matter if we are on the top, ‘oh, they are giving everything to that guy.’ If you are running for the 24/7, ‘oh, they are burying that guy,’ if you are doing a great job, ‘oh they are just trying to push that guy.’ They are always going to come with something, they will never be happy. At this point, we are looking at our careers.”

Angel Garza Gimmick Quietly Dropped, Then Reinstated Two Weeks Later

According to a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Angel Garza briefly stopped doing his tearaway pants spot but it was later reinstated. Garza was reportedly told several months ago to stop doing the spot. Just two weeks later, WWE officials changed course and told him to begin doing it again.

Angel Garza And Wife Announce First Child

WWE Star Angel and his wife, TV host/sports journalist Zaide Lozano, took to social media this week to announce that they are expecting their first child together. The happy couple posted a video letter to their unborn child, which you can see below in the first Instagram post. It was indicated that they learned of the pregnancy back on November 15. They also posted baby ring gear for what may end up being the 4th generational Garza wrestler.

WWE SmackDown Star Angel Garza Announces He's Going to Be a Father

Angel Garza, a WWE Superstar now going by Angel on the Friday Night SmackDown brand, announced that he and his wife Zaide Lozano are expecting their first child. Garza famously proposed to Lozano after winning the NXT Cruiserweight Championship back in November 2019. The video started off with an ultrasound dated on Nov. 15, 2021. Garza then provided a voiceover directed at his child, saying "A date that without a doubt changed our lives completely, the day that one of our most cherished dreams came true, receiving the news that we would be parents.

Angel Garza Was Once Told He Was Too Young For WWE

In an interview with Table Talk (via Fightful), Angel Garza said after his first tryout a few years ago, he was told that he was too young for WWE. Garza is currently 29, while his tag team partner Humberto Carrillo is 26. He said: “It was a little confusing because...

Angel Garza Spoke About Being Told He Was Too Young To Wrestle For WWE

WWE Superstar Angel Garza was interviewed by Table Talk where he spoke about how was once told that he couldn’t wrestle in WWE because he was “too young”. Garza said: “It was a little confusing because we did three or four tryouts before we came to WWE. The first one, it was 2015 or 16, and they said ‘both of you guys are too young, so we’re going to wait. We’ll call you next year.’ That was a soft way to say ‘Bye, bye, we don’t need you. We don’t like you. We don’t want you.’ Next year, we came to Orlando and we did the whole tryout for the whole week and after that it was the same thing, ‘Wait one more year because both of you guys are too young so keep building your names and next year we are going to contact both of you guys.’ We’re like, ‘Okay, this second chance it over, this is like the last chance.’ The next year, they contacted us, but I was signed with IMPACT and I told them, ‘We have to wait until my contract ends.’ After that year, Humberto came first because I was injured with my shoulder, I had surgery on my shoulder and that postponed my introduction to WWE, so Humberto came six months before me and then I came. It was a rough path to walk.“

Big E Welcomes Angel Garza To Not So Exclusive WWE Club

As noted, WWE has officially changed the names of both Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo, shortening them to ‘Angel’ and ‘Humberto’. The team, known together as “Los Lotharios”, are among numerous WWE stars that have seen their names shortened or changed while on the main roster. One of those stars, the current WWE Champion Big E, took to twitter to poke fun at the name changes. E was formerly known as “Big E Langston” when he first started with WWE, receiving a name change in February 2014 during his first run as WWE Intercontinental Champion.

Big E. Reacts To Angel Garza Losing His Last Name

We reported over the weekend here on eWn that Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo have lost their last names. The two will now simply be going by “Angel” and “Humberto”. WWE Champion Big E, who also lost his last name, took to Twitter and welcomed Garza to “the brotherhood” and said he’d need to talk to Cesaro to coordinate food and beverage for their monthly meetings. He said,

Angel Garza Found Out He Was Going To SmackDown While Watching WWE Draft

In an interview with WWE Espanol, as transcribed by Fightful, WWE star Angel Garza talked about being drafted to the Smackdown brand in the recent WWE Draft, alongside his tag team partner and cousin, Humberto Carillo. As the draft unfolded, both Garza and Carillo realized they’d be going to Smackdown, something they didn’t know or expect ahead of time.

Angel Garza Reveals Why He Knew He’d Be Drafted To WWE SmackDown

During a recent appearance on “WWE Espanol”, WWE Superstar Angel Garza commented on being drafted to the SmackDown roster and why he knew it would be taking place. He said,. “When we were looking at the draft, we did not know a thing about where we were going, we were...