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Twitter’s all-too-telling move to un-name journalist Andy Ngo

It’s a small thing, but telling of the presumption of the twits who run Twitter: After lefty complaints that Andy Ngo shouldn’t be called a “journalist” on the site’s curated news feed, the social-media giant rewrote a headline to call him just an “author.”. Ngo reports, researches and writes for...
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'Antifa tried to kill me': Portland journalist Andy Ngo chased, beaten by mob

Journalist Andy Ngo said he was attacked last week for the second time in two years by Antifa activists as he reported on protest violence In Portland, Oregon. Mr. Ngo said on social media Thursday that “Antifa tried to kill me” in a late-night May 28 confrontation in which he was chased by a mob and beaten by a black-masked assailant before escaping into a hotel as activists pounded on the door and windows outside.
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Another Antifa beating won’t silence truth-teller Andy Ngo

As one member of the angry Antifa mob chasing Andy Ngo down a Portland, Ore., street tackled him to the ground just before midnight Friday, the journalist heard more approaching and was left with one thought, he told The Post: “This is how I’m to going to die. I hope they make it quick.”
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Twitter under fire after dropping 'journalist' title for Andy Ngo

Twitter has come under fire after seemingly removing the word "journalist" from Andy Ngo's title on the platform's news feed after he was attacked in Portland. “Some woke twerp complained to Twitter about its curated news feature describing Andy Ngo as a journalist, so Twitter dutifully complied and removed that description,” tweeted Sohrab Ahmari, an editor for the New York Post.
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Journalist Andy Ngo attacked in Portland: “I was chased by a masked mob because I write what they want to stay hidden”

Journalist Andy Ngo revealed he was recently chased on the streets of Portland while he was covering the protests going on there. “No journalist in America should ever face violence for doing his or her job. Yet on Friday, May 28, they tried to kill me while I was reporting on the ongoing protests and riots in Portland, for a new chapter of my book,” Ngo said in a statement released on Wednesday night as The Blaze reports.

Andy Ngo Exposes ANTIFA for Their Actions

After several years of dominating major US cities, ANTIFA has finally met a challenger in investigative journalist Andy Ngo. Ngo is an expert on the movement and has been assaulted by the anti-fascist group. He made his story viral after appearing on the Ingraham Angle this week, exposing ANTIFA for their actions.
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Author Andy Ngo, who exposed Antifa, says he was beaten by ‘masked mob’

An author who recently published a book exposing Antifa said he was beaten and chased by the left-wing militant group while covering ongoing protests in Portland, Oregon. “Antifa tried to kill me again,” Andy Ngo tweeted late Wednesday, sharing photos of injuries he said were inflicted in the attack last Friday at a rally marking the anniversary of the first protest in the troubled city after George Floyd’s murder.
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Andy Ngo says he was man chased, assaulted amid Portland protest

Andy Ngo said Wednesday he was the man chased and assaulted last week at a downtown Portland protest. Ngo, a popular right-wing writer, said he attended the Friday demonstration, which occurred on the one-year anniversary of Portland protests brought on by the police killing of George Floyd, to report for a new chapter of his already-published book.
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Man claimed to be Andy Ngo chased away from Portland protest

The man protesters say is Andy Ngo was chased into a nearby hotel in downtown Portland on Friday, May 28. Left-wing protesters chased down, attacked and unmasked a man they believe to be the right-wing author Andy Ngo in disguise during a downtown Portland protest on Friday, May 28. The Portland Tribune has not independently confirmed the fleeing man's identity, and Ngo did not immediately issue any public statements on the matter. One longtime protest observer told the Tribune he saw Ngo working out at a gym in a southeast Portland neighborhood one week ago, with gym staff...