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The Country Andrew Zimmern Wishes He'd Visited For Bizarre Foods

Andrew Zimmern hosted the Travel Channel show "Bizarre Foods" for 12 seasons and 350 episodes spanning over 13 years. During that time he trotted the globe extensively, visiting more than 50 countries, some, such as China and Mexico, on multiple occasions. Viewers have watched him eat many gross foods over...
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Why Remembering Anthony Bourdain Is So Emotional For Andrew Zimmern

Anthony Bourdain's death shocked the world four years ago and left his family, friends, colleagues, and legions of fans reeling. And while many false facts have surfaced about his death, the truth according to those who knew him was that he was, by many accounts, charming, charismatic, generous, and funny. He was larger than life and yet managed to be down to earth at the same time. Per Times of India, Laurie Woolever, his assistant of 10 years, says that people loved Bourdain because he came up through the ranks in restaurant kitchens before becoming a high-profile chef, best-selling author, and beloved TV/media star. That made him "relatable to the everyman in a way that many of his TV colleagues were not,” Woolever stated.
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The Problem With Jalapeño, According To Andrew Zimmern

Whether you prefer to add in some freshly chopped chili peppers, sauces like Sriracha, or dried spices like cayenne, there's an abundance of ways to add a bit of heat to any dish you're making. However, if you're a devoted jalapeño fan, you may be curious to hear chef and television personality Andrew Zimmern's take on the classic green pepper that so many of us enjoy.

Why This Meal Still 'Haunts' Andrew Zimmern

It seems as if Andrew Zimmern is the one celebrity chef who has truly eaten anything and everything under the sun. His Travel Channel show, "Bizarre Foods," along with his website, where he details his food encounters, has shown us Zimmern sampling fermented skate in Korea, sea cucumber in Alaska, tarantulas in Cambodia, coconut tree grubs in Iquitos, and the list goes on. Zimmern has had some interesting and unique meals. But, when it comes to the dish that still haunts the host of Magnolia Network's "Family Dinner," it's of the seafood variety, and originated during a trip to Samoa.

Andrew Zimmern Stripped Down In Freezing Weather For A 'Video Love Letter'

When Andrew Zimmern wanted to show us fascinating foods, he traveled around the world. But if the world wants to feast its eyes on a fascinating Zimmern, it needs only to travel to his Instagram account. If you hadn't noticed, it can be a pretty wild place. Want to see Zimmern failing at gravity while spin-kicking an empty water jug? It's there. Want to see toilet paper origami in a bathroom? Got that, too. Mouthwatering recipes? Check times a thousand. There's always something new and exciting going on in the Zimm-verse. The latest development? Possible nudity for a good cause.

Andrew Zimmern Says Home Cooks Need These Knives

While you may not aspire to be a professional chef, it's likely you have goals of cooking delicious meals that make your taste buds sing. Certain kitchen tools can help any chef create a tasty dish, and if sharpening up your culinary skills is on the menu, you might want to start with your knives. Andrew Zimmern, the host of the Magnolia Network's "Family Dinner," is offering up some pro advice about what types of knives you need to set yourself up for success in your kitchen, and regardless if you are a newb to the home cooking scene or a seasoned cook, you may want to take note of this celebrity chef's list.

How To Make Matzo Ball Soup To Perfection, According To Andrew Zimmern

Many Jewish Americans — this writer included — will tell you that the best matzo ball soup in the world is made by their mother (or someone else in their family). Like most comfort foods, the dish's simple ingredients make way for a host of possible adaptations, which is why you'd be hard-pressed to find two bowls of matzo ball soup that are completely alike. While one family may prefer large, airy matzo balls surrounded by tender vegetables and topped with a mountain of dill, other households might be used to smaller, denser matzo balls that sink to the bottom of a schmaltz-enriched chicken broth that's strewn with greens. Likewise, the instructions on a box of Manischewitz matzo meal might suffice for some, while others might get fancy by adding seltzer to the mix, which yields "floaters with substance," according to Serious Eats.

The Cuisine Andrew Zimmern Would Eat For The Rest Of His Life

Do you know anyone who can tell you what a horse rib and rectum sausage from Kazakhstan tastes like? What about sautéed giraffe beetles from Madagascar or coral worms caught off the coast of Samoa? Andrew Zimmern has tasted all these things and many more, according to his website. You might be hard-pressed to find someone who has tasted more foods. The former "Bizarre Foods" star has traveled the world sampling local delicacies many might turn up their noses at and as a result, has developed a seriously incredible palate. But trying a cuisine is one thing. Eating it for the rest of your days is another.

Matzoh Ball Soup | Andrew Zimmern

"Family Dinner" host Andrew Zimmern shares his grandmother Henrietta's matzoh ball soup, which he calls "the soup of my childhood." It's a rich homemade chicken soup with lots of vegetables and "firm-to the-touch" matzoh balls made with matzoh meal, whipped egg whites and chicken fat. (Matzoh balls, he explains, shouldn't be too soft; you want them to have some structure or they fall apart in the soup.) As Rach says, "Whether you're celebrating Passover tonight or not, you're going to want to make this!"

What Andrew Zimmern Remembers Most About Anthony Bourdain

Almost four years have passed since his passing, and Anthony Bourdain still casts a shadow. On April 10, chef Andrew Zimmern engaged in an AMA on Twitter and two questions were directed toward his relationship with Bourdain. "Best memory of Bourdain?" asked @SPTolson, to which Zimmern responded, "Seeing him so...
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Andrew Zimmern Talks Everything From Experimentation to Fake Chicken

Andrew Zimmern, the television personality and chef, has a lot going on. He runs a production company, Intuitive Content. His current television project is Family Dinner on the Magnolia Network, and he’s kicking off a new series Wild Game Kitchen, streaming on the Outdoor Channel. Zimmern is also a...

How Andrew Zimmern Feels About Cooking With Alcohol In Sobriety

Cooking with alcohol can be complicated, but it comes with benefits, too. "Alcohol brings out the flavor in food," according to Fine Cooking. And when simmered or baked into a dish, it usually only leaves the taste behind, with little to no alcohol content. Its ability to bond "with both fat and water molecules," per Food52, allows it to enhance the aroma and make the experience of eating the dish that much better.

David E. Kelley teams with Andrew Zimmern to tackle climate change and its impact on oceans in his first foray into an unscripted series

The Big Little Lies creator is developing Eating Up the Oceans: How Do We Save Our Seas? with Zimmern after appearing together on panels about climate change. The docuseries, which will be shopped around, was made with sustainable seafood expert and founder of Fed by Blue Jennifer Bushman. It also comes years after Kelley bought a fish farm that raises steelhead trout.

The Sage Advice Andrew Zimmern Has For Rookie Restaurant Owners

In his eighth AMA ("Ask Me Anything") segment on his Substack newsletter, Spilled Milk, Andrew Zimmern dished out some serious advice for new restaurant owners. Hoping to get some tips from the chef and TV host regarding restaurant management and budgeting, a fan named "Wade" asked, "What's your advice for new restaurant owners during times when prices on everything are soaring?"

Andrew Zimmern Has Strong Feelings About The McDonald's Vs. Culver's Debate

Is there really a debate about McDonald's ice cream vs. Culver's frozen custard? Not so's you'd notice unless you're a member of the Watt household. J.J. Watt, late of the Houston Texans and currently playing for the Arizona Cardinals, is a pretty sure-fire NFL Hall-of-Famer no matter whose jersey he retires in. But he's still a Wisconsin boy at heart, and his food preferences show it. He recently revealed to his millions of Twitter followers the details of a domestic dispute in which his wife delivered a low blow – she dared to insinuate that Culver's frozen custard is no better than McDonald's ice cream.

The Burger Andrew Zimmern Would Choose If It Were His Last Ever

Andrew Zimmern has traveled the world, sampled foods from just about everywhere, and tried to inspire viewers of his Travel Channel show "Bizarre Foods" to step outside their comfort zone when it comes to eating. But, when it comes to hamburgers, Zimmern sticks with what he knows and loves. During an Ask Me Anything session on his Spilled Milk blog, the star chef revealed he is a fan of the hamburgers at JG Melon in New York City. In fact, Zimmern went on to share that, if he ever had that last burger on earth moment, he would choose one of theirs hands down.